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7-10 April 2019
Newcastle, Australia
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Hosts: Mike Meylan (The University of Newcastle, Australia)
Amini-Afshar M., Bingham H. B., Henshaw W. D., Read R. A Nonlinear Potential-Flow Model For Wave-Structure Interaction Using High-Order Finite Differences On Overlapping Grids
Barratt D., Bingham H.B., Taylor P.H., van den Bremer T.S., Adcock T.A.A. Directional Energy Transfer due to Third-Order Interactions during an Extreme Wave Event
Behera H., Selvan S. A., Gupta V. K. Wave interaction with a floating circular flexible porous membrane in a two-layer fluid
Chen L., Taylor P.H., Draper S., Wolgamot H., Cheng L., Ning D.Z. Nonlinear wave diffraction and radiation around a ship-shaped FPSO in oblique seas
Chen X.B., Zhao B.B., Li R. Mysterious wavefront uncovered
Choi Y.M., Malenica S., Clement A.H., Bouscasse B., Ferrant P. Poincare's velocity representation in time domain free surface flow
Das B.C., De S., Mandal B.N. Oblique scattering by a thick rectangular barrier in deep water
Das S., Sahoo T., Meylan M.H. Effect of a submerged plate on flexural-gravity wave blocking
Ding B.Y., Wuillaume P.Y., Meng F., Babarit A., Schubert B., Sergiienko N., Cazzolato B. Comparison of wave-body interaction modelling methods for the study of reactively controlled point absorber wave energy converter
Ding H., Zang J., Blenkinsopp C., Ning D., Zhao X., Chen Q., Gao J. Numerical investigation of the performance of a pile-restrained WEC-type dual-floating breakwater system
Dolatshah A., Bennetts L.G., Meylan M.H., Monty J.P., Toffoli A. An experimental model of wind-induced rafting of pancake ice floating on waves
Ghadirian A., Bredmose H. Initial experimental validation of a pressure impulse model for a vertical circular cylinder
Hanssen F.C.W., Colicchio G., Greco M. Severe Wave-Body Interactions: a Potential-Flow HPC Method and its Strong Domain-Decomposition Coupling with a Level-Set Navier-Stokes Solver
Hascoet R., Jacques N., Scolan Y.M., Tassin A. A Fictitious Body Continuation model for the vertical water entry of 2D asymmetric bodies with flow separation
Hayatdavoodi M., Kostikov V., Ertekin R.C., Chen Y. On nonlinear wave interaction with deformable ice sheets
Huang H., Xu X., Zhang X. On Piston and Sloshing Mode Resonances in Three-dimensional Moonpool of Vessels in Fixed and Free-floating Conditions
Huang L., Dolatshah A., Cardiff P., Bennetts L.G., Toffoli A., Tukovic Z., Thomas G. Numerical simulation of hydroelastic waves along a semi-infinite ice floe
Iafrati A., Grizzi S. Cavitation/ventilation phenomena during the water impact with horizontal velocity of double curvature shaped bodies
Kalyanaraman B., Meylan M.H., Lamichhane B., Bennetts L.G. A Linear Elasticity Model for Ice Shelf Vibrations
Kashiwagi M., Iwashita H., Miura S., Hinatsu M. Study on Added Resistance with Measured Unsteady Pressure Distribution on Ship-hull Surface
Kim B.S., Yang K.K., Kim Y. Study on Sensitivity of Ship Added Resistance to Wave Slope
Laskowski W., Bingham H.B., Engsig-Karup A.P. Modelling of Wave-structure Interaction for Cylindrical Structures using a Spectral Element Multigrid Method
Liang H., Law Y.Z., Santo H., Chan E.S. Effect of wave paddle motions on water waves
Liu S., Zhang X. On the Four-wave Resonant Interactions in Finite Water Depth
Ma Y., Ai C., Yuan C., Dong G. A non-hydrostatic model for nonlinear water waves interacting with structures
McCauley G., Wolgamot H., Draper S., Orszaghova J. Wave interaction with a shallowly submerged step
McCue S.W., Pethiyagoda R., Moroney T.J. Simplified models for waves due to steadily moving ships and submerged bodies
Malenica S., Korobkin A.A., Khabakhpasheva T.I., Kwon S.H. Second order interaction of flexural gravity waves with bottom mounted vertical circular cylinder
Meng W., Qiu W. Simulation of Two-Body Interaction in Waves with the Immersed Boundary Method
Milne I.A., Kimmoun O., Molin B., Graham J.M.R. Experiments on a barge rolling next to a wall
Nam H.S., Kim Y. Nonlinear Stochastic Prediction of Extreme Deck Slamming on Offshore Platform in Irregular Waves
Ni B.Y., Zeng L.D. Numerical simulation of interface deformation and wave resistance caused by a given pressure load moving in an ice-breaking channel
Ouled Housseine C. On wave diffraction-radiation by bodies with porous thin plates
Peter M.A., Bennetts L.G., Craster R.V. A graded resonator array for amplification of water waves
Pethiyagoda R., Moroney T.J., McCue S.W. Time-frequency analysis of wakes produced by turning ships
Paul S., De S. Water wave scattering by asymmetric trench beneath ice cover
Porter R. An extension to the linear shallow water equation
Rijnsdorp D., Orszaghova J., Skene D., Wolgamot H., Rafiee A. Modelling motion instabilities of a submerged wave energy converter
Skene D., Wolgamot H., Geldard J., Taylor P., Draper S. Real-time prediction of unidirectional irregular waves
Song B., Zhang C. Study on water column impact without/with air cavity
Sturova I.V., Tkacheva L.A. Moving Pressure Distribution in an Ice Channel
Tavakoli S., Nelli F., Bennetts L.G., Toffoli A. Wave-induced drift of a thin floating plate: A numerical experiment
Teng B., Qian Y. Analysis of 2D Singular Effect on Nonlinear Wave Forces with Application of Scaled Boundary FEM
Tokic G., Yue D.K.P. A fast method for optimization of large wave energy converter arrays
White P.F., Knight B.G., Maki K.J., Piro D.J., Beck R.F. Predictions of Ship Turning Circle Maneuvers Using A Combined Computational Fluid Dynamics and Potential Flow Approach
Wang Z., Zhao B.B., Duan W.Y., Zhang T.Y. Application of the High-Level Green-Naghdi model on internal solitary waves with a free surface
Wu H., He J., Noblesse F. Simple analytical approximations to farfield or short ship waves
Xu Q., Li Y., Ding B.Y., Lin Z., Cazzolato B. A study of reactively controlled floating point absorber in wave tank experiments
Zhang C., Ning D., Teng B. Hydrodynamic study of energy harvesting breakwater with parabolic openings
Zhao B.B., Duan W.Y., Yang W.Q., Huang S. On the periodic waves interacting with linear shear currents
Zhao W., Taylor P.H., Wolgamot H.A., Eatock Taylor R. Gap resonance driven by linear, quadratic and cubic wave excitation
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