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Announcement for RWWWFB

Dear Colleagues,

We hope that you are all staying healthy and enjoying life despite the difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In accordance with the COVID-19 situation, most of international conferences and meeting are being held via video.
In 2020, the technical committee of IWWWFB decided to realize the idea of Prof.Newman to hold a regular seminar on water wave and floating bodies, and accordingly a regular webinar about 3~4 times in a year is planned.
We name it RWWWFB (Regular Webinar of Water Waves and Floating Bodies) and announce its inception.

Attendance of RWWWFB is possible through a simple on-line registration, and the web-link address of RWWWFB will be delivered to the registered email address later.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact Prof. Yonghwan Kim of Seoul National University.


The first RWWWFB has been held on 2, December, 2021.
(1) J.N. Newman: Water Waves and Floating Bodies - Ancestors, Mentors and Colleagues
(2) D.V. Evans and R. Porter: The magic circle - Remarkable results for cylinders in waves

To register, subscribe your information.

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