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Welcome to the web site of the International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies (IWWWFB).The IWWWFB is an annual meeting of engineers and scientists with special interests in water waves and the effects of waves on floating or submerged bodies.

This web site includes information about past and future Workshops, and a complete archive of the Proceedings. The Abstracts are in PDF format and can be downloaded individually. To view the entire list of Abstracts from a particular workshop, click on the appropriate year. You can also find a specific abstract or author by using the search function. Background information for each Workshop is contained in an Introduction, which precedes the list of Abstracts for each year. Some of the technical discussions are recorded, either at the end of each Abstract or in a separate Discussions file at the end of the list of Abstracts.

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Announcement for IWWWFB35

The 35th IWWWFB is postponed due to the COVID-19 virus to 24~28, August, 2020. The workshop will be held through on line, and it will be held in in the following manner:
- The presentations will be pre-recorded as a movie file. The detailed procedure to create the presentation files will be distributed to the speakers.
  The pre-recorded presentation will be uploaded in the workshop website and will open to participants about two days before the date of presentation.
- The real-time virtual workshop will be arranged for about 2 hours in each day. In each day, three or four sessions, i.e. 12~16 presentations, will be discussed in live.
- Based on the policy of IWWWFB, author, co-authors, and invited guested can register as participants. Participation of young authors and coauthors are encouraged.
- Winner of Tuck Fellowship will be announced during the workshop.
- There will be no registration fee for the virtual workshop.

The detailed information about workshop time, making presentation file, registration, and technical program will be announced in near future.

Yonghwan Kim

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24-28 August 2020
Virtual workshop
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