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7-10 May 2023
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
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Hosts: Bob Beck and Kevin Maki
Ahani, A., Greco, M. Simplified Analysis of Wave Impacts Hydroelastic Effects on Semisubmersible Structure in Steel
Amini-Afshar, M., Bingham, H.B., Kashiwagi, M. On a New Formulation for Wave Added Resistance
Andrade, D., Stuhlmeier, R. Revisiting the classical deep-water wave instabilities ? a discrete Hamiltonian approach
Arciniega, L.-V., Galindo, L., Maki, K.J. Wave Dissipation in a Field of Floating Perforated Spherical Shells
Bandyk, P. Filon Integration of Highly Oscillatory and Other Functions with Applications in Marine Hydrodynamics
Barman, S.C., Boral, S., Sahoo, T. Energy balance relation for flexural-gravity wave scattering due to a crack in a floating ice sheet in a three-layer fluid in the context of blocking dynamics
Boon, A.D., Wellens, P. R. The role of ship motions on green water and the probabilities
Chen, Y., Hayatdavoodi, M., Zhao, B., Ertekin, R.C. Waves generated by horizontally oscillating bottom disturbances
Chen, Q., Cui, J., Liu, Q., Feng, X., Liu, Y., An, S., Chen, J.-F. On the kinematics of water waves through a porous plate
Chen, X., Wuillaume, P.-Y., Xie, C. Water wave Green function with compressibility effect
Das, S., Meylan, M. Time-domain simulation of surface waves in a compressible ocean due to the motion of a circular portion of the ocean floor
Farahbakhsh, I., Amini-Afshar, M., Bingham, H.B. A Full Eulerian Wave-Body Interaction Solver for Incompressible Two-Phase Flows with High Density and Viscosity Ratios
Gong, X., Pan, Y. Quantification of extreme ship response probability in broadband wave fields
Greenwood, R.W., Reed, A.M, Liu, Y., Ollivier-Gooch, C. A Time-Domain Slender Ship Theory: A Body-Exact Approach Using the Method of Matched Asymptotic Expansions
Grue, J. On the radiation problem for two floating solar panels separated by a small gap in the long-crested case
Hansen, C.L., Taylor, P.H., Wolgamot, H., Zhao, W., Orszaghova, J., Bredmose, H. Tertiary interactions due to wave run-up in spread seas
Huang, J., Porter, R. Wave scattering by a large compact array of thin vertical plates
Hulin, F., Tassin, A., Filipot, J.F., Jacques, N. Experimental investigation of parameters influencing hydrodynamic loads generated by breaking wave impacts on floating offshore wind turbines
Iafrati, A., Di Giorgio, S., Pirozzoli, S. On coherent vortical structures in wave breaking
Kaiser, M. S., Iida, T. Analytical Solution of Impulse Response Function on Moving Point to Predict Encounter Water Waves in Head Wave Condition
Khabakhpasheva, T., Korobkin, A.A., Malenica, S. Water entry of a conical shell
Kim, Y, Lee, J.-H, Nam, Y.-S., Lee, J., Yang, H. Study on a Prophetic System for Real-time Ship Operation in Waves
Kim, B.S., Wang, S., Kim, Y. Numerical Uncertainty Analysis for Ship Hydrodynamics Computation
Kim, J.S., Nam, B.W. Hydrodynamic Performance of an OWC Wave Energy Converter with Triple Chambers in Waves
Kostikov, V.K., Hayatdavoodi, M., Ertekin, R.C. On the propagation of nonlinear waves over a viscoelastic foundation
Kristiansen, T., Reiten, H., Izquiredo, C.S., Ravinthrakumar, S., Molin, B. Wake interaction in high-KC oscillatory flow
Kuznetsov, N., Motygin, O. On interior ¡®high spots¡¯ in two-dimensional sloshing
Lamei, A., Li, S., Hayatdavoodi, M., Riggs, H.R, Ertekin, R.C. Wave-current interaction with floating bodies: Experiments and computations
Liang, H., Li, Y., Chen, X. Physical properties of the ship wake and its detection
Liu, Y.H., Zhao, G.W., Yuan, Z.M. Waves generated by a submerged ellipsoid when entering a lock
Malenica, S., Liang, H., Zheng, S., Korobkin, A. Shielding effects of a floating ring-shaped poroelastic plate on a cylinder
Meylan, M.H., Tran-Duc, T., Thamwattana, N. Flexible Ice Floe Melting due to Waves by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Min, E.H., Kim, M.H., Koo, W. Fully nonlinear interaction of a periodical wave propagation by a forced oscillating floater in two-layer fluids
Mohanlal, S., Harris, J.C., Yates, M.L., Grilli, S.T. 3D depth-limited breaking waves in fully non-linear potential flow
Ni, B.Y., Tan, H., Semenov, Y.A., Zhang, C.X. Icebreaking Ability of a Free-rising Buoyant Sphere
Nielsen, U.D., Brodtkorb, A.H., Iseki, T., Jensen, J.J., Mittendorf,M., Mounet, R.E.G., S©ªrensen, A.J., Takami, T. Estimating Waves Through Measured Ship Responses
Orszaghova, J., Taylor, P.H., Wolgamot, H., Pegalajar-Jurado, A., Bredmose, H. Sea-state dependent damping of second-order difference-frequency wave motion of a floating wind turbine with heave plates
Park, H.J., Nam, B.W. Prediction of Green Water Events for FPSO in Irregular Waves using ANN Model
Park, T., Park, C.J., Lee, J., Kim, Y. Study of Hydroelastic Effects on Sloshing Flows due to Flexible Baffle
Ren, K., Yang, Y.F. Wave Interaction with a Floating Finite Rectangular Plate in a Channel
Semenov, Y., Khabakhpasheva, T., Ni, B., Korobkin, A. Flow over a semicircular obstruction in a channel covered by broken ice
Song, X., Zhang, X., Beck, R.F. Numerical Computations of Ship Motions and Added Resistance in Head Waves Using Fully Nonlinear Potential Flow Method and Body-Exact Method
Tang, T., Ding, H., Dai, S., Taylor, P.H., Zang, J., Adcock T. An experimental investigation of nonlinear wave loading on a vertical cylinder ? Stokes type expansion and secondary load cycle
Wang, Z., Zhang, T.Y., Zhao, B.B., Duan, W.Y., Hayatdavoodi, M., Ertekin, R.C. On development of an efficient High-Level Green-Naghdi model for large-amplitude internal waves in deep waters
Wolgamot, H., Orszaghova, J., Kurniawan, A., Taylor, P.H., Hals Todalshaug, J. Phase-manipulation with multiple controlled inputs to enhance investigation of nonlinear hydrodynamic effects
Yao, J., Bingham, H.B., Zhang, X. Generation of upstream waves by a moving pressure distribution with dynamic correction at near-critical speed
Zheng, S., Liang, H., Porter, R., Greaves, D. Wave scattering by an annular metamaterial cylinder consisting of curved plates
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