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15-18 April 2007
Plitvice, Croatia
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Hosts: S. Malenica (Bureau Veritas) and I. Senjanovic (Zagreb University)
Bennetts, L.G., Biggs, N.R.T. & Porter, D. Wave scattering by a circular ice floe of variable thickness
Bhattacharjee, J., Karmakar, D., & Sahoo, T. On transformation of flexural gravity waves
Bingham, H.B., Engsig-Karup, A. P. & Lindberg, O. A high-order finite difference method for nonlinear wave-structure interaction
Blenkinsopp, C.E. & Chaplin, J.R. Validity of small-scale physical models involving breaking waves
Bredmose, H., Peregrine, D.H. & Hunt, A. Wave height? A study of the impact of wave groups on a coastal structure
Breslin, J.P. Prediction of planing forces on prismatic hulls far exceeding expectations by inconsistent theory
Casetta, L. & Pesce, C.P. Hamilton's principle for dissipative systems and Wagner's problem
Chaplin, J.R., Farley, F.J.M. & Rainey, R.C.T. Power conversion in the Anaconda WEC
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K. & Mavrakos, S.A. A semi-analytical formulation for the wave-current interaction problem with a vertical bottom-seated cylinder including square velocity terms
Chen, X.B. & Duan, W.Y. Formulations of low-frequency QTF by O(O(o) approximation
Chung, J.Y., Nahm, J.O., Kang, H.D. & Kwon, S.H. A novel experimental technique in Slamming
Colicchio, G., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Influence of gaseous cavities in ship-hydrodynamic problems: a simplified study
Delhommeau, G., Noblesse, F. & Guilbaud, M. Simple analytical approximation to a ship bow wave
De,S., & Mandal, B.N. Water wave scattering by two partially immersed barriers - an alternative method of solution
Diebold, L. Study of the Neumann-Kelvin problem for one hemisphere
Doctors, L. J. A test of linearity in the generation of ship waves
Duan, W.Y. & Dai, Y.S. Integration of the Time-Domain green function
Ducrozet, G., Bonnefoy, F., Le Touze, D. & Ferrant, P. Investigation of freak waves in large scale 3D Higher-Order spectral simulations
Eatock Taylor, R. & Meylan, M.H. Theory of scattering frequencies applied to near-trapping by cylinders
Elkin, J.D. & Yeung, R.W. Sway and roll hydrodynamics of twin rectangular cylinders
Evans, D.V. & Porter, R. Examples of motion trapped modes in two and three dimensions
Fitzgerald, C.J. & McIver, P. Approximating near-resonant wave motion using a mechanical oscillator model
Forestier, J.M. Evolution equation of a potential flow with a free surface and moving solid boundaries
Gazzola, T. A shape optimisation technique for the Wagner problem
Gilloteaux, J.C., Ducrozet, G., Babarit, A. & Clement, A.H. Non-linear model to simulate large amplitude motions : application to wave energy conversion
Greaves, D. Numerical simulation of breaking waves and wave loading on a submerged cylinder
Grue, J. Nonlinear wave-body interaction by a formulation in spectral space
Harter, R., Abrahams, I.D. & Simon, M.J. The effect of surface tension on trapped modes in water wave problems
Iafrati, A. & Korobkin, A.A. Numerical analysis of initial stage of plate impact on water surface
Kashiwagi, M. Reciprocity relations of waves generated by an antisymmetric floating body
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Wu, G.X. Coupled compressible and incompressible approach for jet impact onto elastic plate
Klopman, G., Dingemans, M. W. & van Groesen, B. Propagation of wave groups over bathymetry using a variational Boussinesq model
Korobkin, A. & Malenica, S. Steep wave impact onto elastic wall
Malenica, S., Senjanovik, I., Tomagevic, S. & Stumpf, E. Some aspects of hydroelastic issues in the design of ultra large container ships
Malleron, N., Scolan, Y. M. & Korobkin, A.A. Some aspects of a generalized Wagner model
Miloh, T. Structural acoustics of a floating circular elastic plate
Molin, B., Kimmoun, O. & Remy, F. Non-linear standing wave effects on the weather side of a wall with a narrow gap
Nabergoj, R. & Prpik-Orgik, J. A comparison of different methods for added resistance prediction
Nam, B-W. & Kim, Y. Effects of sloshing on the motion response of LNG-FPSO in waves
Newman, J.N. Trapping structures with linear mooring forces
Noblesse, F., Yang, C. & Espinosa, R. Nearfield and farfield boundary-integral representations of free-surface flows
Pinkster, J.A. & Hermans, A.J. A rotating wing for the generation of energy from waves
Pistani, F. & Thiagarajan, K. Experimental campaign on a moored FPSO in complex bi-directional sea states
Qiu, W. & Peng, H. Numerical solution of body-exact problem in the Time Domain with a panel-free method
Scolan, Y.M., Kimmoun, O., Branger, H. & Remy, F. Nonlinear free surface motions close to a vertical wall. Influence of a local varying bathymetry
Sturova, I.V. Time-dependent hydroelastic response of an elastic plate floating on shallow water of variable depth
Sun, H. & Faltinsen, O.M. Hydrodynamic forces on a planing hull in forced heave or pitch motions in calm water
Taylor, P.H., Zang, J., Walker, A.G. & Eatock Taylor, R. Second order near-trapping for multi-column structures and near-flat QTFS
Thompson, I., Linton, C. M. & Porter, R. A new approximation method for scattering by large arrays
Tuitman, J. & van Aanhold, H. Using generalized modes for time domain seakeeping calculations
Vanden-Broeck, J.-M., Parau, E. & Cooker, M. Three-dimensional capillary-gravity waves generated by moving disturbances
Zang, J., Ning, D., Liang, Q., Taylor, P.H., Borthwick, A.G.L. & Eatock Taylor, R. Modelling wave-coastal structure interactions using a Cartesian cut cell method
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