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30 March-2 April 2014
Osaka, Japan
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Hosts: Masashi Kashiwagi (Osaka University)
Afshar, M.A., Bingham, H.B. & Read, R. A High-order Finite-diference Solver for the Linearised Potential Flow Wave Resistance Problem on Curvilinear Overset Grids
Bingham, H.B., Afshar, M.A., Read, R. & Engsig-Karup, A. P. Stable Finite Difference Discretizations of the Forward Speed Seakeeping Problem
Chaplin, J.R. & Porter, R. Wave Trapping and Radiation by Semi-immersed Circular Cylinders
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K., Dassios, G., Mavrakos, S.A. & Miloh, T. A Semi-analytic formulation for the Hydrodynamic Diffraction by Submerged Ellipsoids
Chen, L.F., Sun, L., Zang, J. & Hillis, A. Numerical Simulation of Wave-induced Roll of a 2-D Rectangular Barge Using OpenFOAM
Colicchio, G., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Hydroelastic Response of a Submerged Structure to an Underwater Explosion
Dai, Y. Z. On the Interfacial Viscous Ship Waves Pattern
Duan, W., Chen, J. & Zhao, B. Second Order Wave Loads Based on Second Order TEBEM
Dutykh, D. & Clamond, D. Modified Shallow Water Equations for Mild-slope Seabeds
Evans, D.V., McIver, M. & Porter, R. Transparency of Structures in Water Waves
Feng, X., Bai, W. & Ang, K.K. Nonlinear Simulation of Wave Resonances in a Narrow Gap between Two Barges
G÷teman, M., Engstr÷m, J., Eriksson, M., Isberg, J & Leijon, M Analytical and Numerical Approaches to Optimizing Fluid-Structure Interactions in Wave Energy Parks
Gouin, M., Ducrozet, G. & Ferrant, P. Development of a Highly Nonlinear Model for Wave Propagation over a Variable Bathymetry
Greco, M., Lugni, C. & Faltinsen, O.M. Roll-yaw Coupling Effects on Parametric Resonance for a Ship in Regular Waves
Grue, J., Kolaas, J. & Jensen, A. The Limiting Effect of Breaking in Strongly Nonlinear Waves on Intermediate Water Depth, with Emphasis on the Kinematics
Hann, M., Greaves, D. & Raby, A. A New Set of Focused Wave Linear Combinations to Extract Nonlinear Wave Harmonics
Hashimoto, H. & Le TouzÚ, D. Coupled MPS-FEM Model for Violent Flows-Structures Interaction
He, G. & Kashiwagi, M. Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction by an Adaptive Cartesian-Grid CIP Method
Hermans, A.J. The Interaction of a Submerged Object with a Very Large Floating Platform
Hu, C., Mikami, T. & Yamamoto, K. Prediction of Added Resistance in Short Waves by CFD Simulation
Iafrati, A., Siemannm, M.H. & BenÝtez Monta˝Ús, L. Experimental study of high speed plate ditching
Ito, Y. & Iwashita, H. A Study on the Aerodynamic Properties of a Canard-Configuration WISES
Kagemoto, H., Murai, M. & Fujii, T. Second-order Resonance among an Array of Two Rows of Vertical Circular Cylinders - Comparisons of Theoretical Calculations and Reality -
Karimi, M.R. & Brosset, L. Global and Local Effects of Gas-Liquid Density Ratio on Shape and Kinematics of Sloshing Waves and Scaling Considerations
Katifeoglou, S.A., Molin, B. & Chatjigeorgiou, I.K. Hydroelastic Behavior of a Vertical Plate Subjected to Third-order Wave Interactions
Kim, J.H., Kim, Y., Korobkin, A.A. & Lee, D.Y. Study on Slamming and Whipping Response of Ship Structure
Kim, Y., Seo, M.G., Park, D.M., Kim, J.H. Yang, K.K. Numerical and Experimental Analyses of Added Resistance in Waves
Konispoliatis, D.N. & Mavrakos, S.A. Mean Drift Loads on Arrays of Free Floating OWC Devices Consisting of Concentric Cylinders
Korobkin, A.A., Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Maki, K.J. Water-exit Problem with Prescribed Motion of a Symmetric Body
Kurniawan, A., Greaves, D., Hann, M. & Chaplin, J. Multi-resonant Compressible Wave Energy Devices
Kwon, S.H., Kim, B.J., Han, S.Y., Kim, Y.J., Ahn, K.S., Ren, D., Lu, L., Jiang, S.C. & Chen, X.B. Study on Roll Damping around a Circular Cylinder
Le TouzÚ, D., Hashimoto, H., Grenier, N. Sueyoshi, M. Comparisons of MPS and SPH methods: Forced Roll Test of a Two-dimensional Damaged Car Deck
Liao, K., Hu, C. & Sueyoshi, M. Numerical Simulation of Free Surface Flow Impacting on an Elastic Plate
Lindberg, O., Bingham, H.B. & Engsig-Karup, A.P. Towards Real Time Simulation of Ship-Ship Interaction -Part III: Immersed Body Boundary Condition and Double Body Ship-Ship Interaction -
Maklakov, D.V. & Petrov, A.G. Determination of the Wave Resistance of a Towed Body by the Parameters of Generated Waves
Malenica, S., Choi, Y.M., Vladimir, N., Kwon, S.H. & Chen, X.B. Wave Induced Hydroelastic Behavior of the Vertical Circular Cylinder with Liquid Filled Tank at the Top
Mandal, S., Behera, H. & Sahoo, T. Wave Scattering by Dual Surface-Piercing Porous and Flexible Barriers
Mohanty, S.K. & Sahoo, T. Transient Flexural Gravity Wave Motion in the Presence of Floating and Submerged Plate System
Molin, B, de Vries, I. & Cinello, A. Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Piston Mode Resonance Inside a Large FLNG Turret
Noblesse, F., Zhu, R., Hong, L., Zhang, C., He, J. & Zhu, Y. Interference Effects on Farfield Ship Waves at High Froude Numbers
Nokob, M.H. & Yeung, R.W. Hypersingular Integral-Equation Method for Wave Diffraction about Arbitrary, Shell-Like Vertical Cylinders in Finite-Depth Waters
Remy, F. & Molin, B. Experimental and Analytical Study of the Piston Mode Resonance Inside WIRs (Water Intake Risers)
Renzi, E. & Dias, F. Time-Domain Hydroacoustic Green Function for Surface Pressure Disturbance
Rosemurgy, W.J., Maki, K.J. & Beck, R.F. The Application of Velocity Decomposition to Fully-Submerged Free-Surface Problems
Sasa, K & Kashiwagi, M. Improvement of Rankine Panel Method by Theoretical Consideration of Panel Forces on Ship Hull
Scolan, Y.M., Karimi, M.R., Dias, F., Ghidaglia, J.M. & Costes, J. Highly Nonlinear Wave in Tank with Small Density Ratio
Semenov, Y.A., Wu, G.X. & Korobkin, A.A. Impact of Liquids of Different Densities
Sheng, W., Alcorn, R. & Lewis, A. Latching Control Theory for Wave Energy Conversion
Sturova, I.V. Radiation of Waves by a Cylinder Submerged in the Fluid Beneath an Elastic Ice Sheet with a Partially Frozen Crack
Su, Y., Kimmoun, O. & Molin, B. Numerical and Experimental Study of the Wave Response of a Floating Support with Partially Filled Tank
Sun, L., Zang, J., Eatock Taylor, R. & Taylor, P.H. Effects of Wave Spreading on Performance of a Wave Energy Converter
Taylor, P.H., Eatock Taylor, R., Grice, J. Gibson, R. The Dynamics and Statistics of Wave Crest Elevations and 2nd Order near Trapping for a Semi-submersible Platform
Teng, B. & Cong, P. A Novel Approach of QTFs for Floating Body
van Walree, F. A New Method for the Integration of the Transient Green Function over a Panel
Zhao, B.B., Duan, W.Y., Ertekin, R.C. Webster, W.C. Recent Progress on the GN Model for a Two-layer Flow
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