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17-20 April 1994
Kuju, Fukuoka, Japan
Host: M. Ohkusu (Kyushu University)
Ando, S. Calculations of Surface-Wave Radiation and Diffraction by Regularized Composite Integral Equations
Armenio, V. A New Algorithm (SIMAC) for the Solution of Free Surface Unsteady High Reynolds Flows
Ba, M. & Guilbaud, M. The Translating Pulsating Green's Function for Free Surface Computations
Bao, W. & Kinoshita, T. The Reciprocal Relation of Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Floating Bodies in both Waves and Slow Current
Bertram, V. Shallow Water Effects for SWATHShips
Bingham, H. B. & Korsmeyer, F. T. The Role of Irregular Frequencies in the Transient Neumann-Kelvin Problem
Cao Y., Beck R. F. & Shultz W. W. Nonlinear Computation of Wave Loads and Motions of Floating Bodies in Incident Waves
Chee W. S., Choi Y.R. & Choi H. S. Nonlinear Diffraction of Modulated Waves by a Thin Wedge
Clarisse J. M., Newman J. N. & Ursell F. Asymptotic Expansion of the Cauchy-Poisson Problem in a Fluid of Finite Depth
Clement A. & Mas A. Computation of the Finite Depth Time-Domain Green-Function in the Small Time Range
Doutreleau Y. & Quenez J. M. A Relation between the Three-Dimensional and the Two-Dimensional Green Functions of the Neumann-Kelvin Problem
Eatock Taylor R., Wang B. T. & Wu G. X. On the Transient Analysis of the Wave Maker
Evans D. V. On Step Approximations for Water Wave Problems
Fontaine E. & Cointe R. Non Linear High-Froude-Number Slender Body Theory
Grue J., Bjorshol G. & Strand O. Nonlinear Wave Loads Which may Generate 'Ringing' Responses of Offshore Structures
Huang Z. J. & Hsiung C. C. Application of the Flux Difference Splitting Method to Compute Nonliner Shallow Water Flow on Deck
Iwashita, H., Ito, A., Okada, T., Ohkusu, M., Takaki, M. & Mizoguchi, S. Wave Forces Acting on a Blunt Ship Advancing in Oblique Short Waves
Kajitani, H. On Wave-Wake Interaction near a Ship Stern
Kashiwagi, M. A New Green-Function Method for the 3-D Unsteady Problem of a Ship with Forward Speed
Kim, J. W. & Bai, K. J. Nonlinear Waves at the Interface of Water and Mud in a Dredged Channel
Kim, M. H. & Kee, S. T. Flexible Membrane Wave Barrier
Korobkin, A. Shallow-WaterEntry Problem
Kuznetsov, N. Trapping of Waves by Horizontal Cylinders in a Channel Containing Two-Layer Fluid
Kvalsvold, J. & Faltinsen, O. Hydroelastic Study of Wetdeck Slamming by a Timoshenko Beam Model
Kyozuka, Y. Mass Transport in Two-Dimensional Wave Tank
Lin, X., Takaki, M. & Iwashita, H . ACombined Boundary-Integral Equation Method for Determining the Unsteady Flow around a Ship in Waves
Linton, C. M. The Diffraction of Waves by an Array of Vertical Circular Cylinders in a Channel
Liu, Y. & Yue, D. K. P. The Transient Force History on a Body Started from Rest
Lu, Y. & Li, B. Numerical Prediction of Second-Order Wave Forces on a Twin-Cylinder Array
Malenica, S. & Molin, B. Third Order Triple Frequency Wave Forces on Fixed Vertical Cylinders
Maruo, H. A Contribution to the Theory of Slender Ships in Large Amplitude Motion with Forward Speed -- A Proposed Method of Nonlinear Computation
Matsunaga, K. The Slender Body Approximation of a Ship in Following Sea
McIver, P. & McIver, M. Wave Radiation by a Submerged Circular Cylinder of Finite Length
Mori, K. & Lungu, A. Sub-Breaking Wave and its Numerical Simulation with Turbulent Characteristics
Ohkusu, M. Second Order Radiation Waves at Forward Speed
Palm, E. & Grue, J. Wave Forces on Floating Bodies in Slow Yaw-Motion
Roberts, A. J. & Smith, D. Treatment of the Dynamics of the Intersection of a Free-Surface and a Solid Body
Sturova, I. V. Hydrodynamic Forces on a Submerged Cylinder Advancing in Waves of Two-Layer Fluids
Takagi, M. & Saito, K. A Strip Theory in the Large Ship Motions
Tanizawa, K., Yue, D.K.P. & Zhang, S. Calculation of Breaking Wave Impact on a Wall
Tuck, E. O. The Planing Splash
Tulin, M. & Wu, M. Bow Waves on Fine Ships - Nonlinear Numerical Studies
Yasukawa, H. & Sakamoto ,T. Effect of Steady Disturbance on Free Surface Flow around Slowly Moving Full Hull Forms in Waves
Yeung, R. W. & Yu, X. Transient Waves near a Circular Cylinder in Closed and Open Domains
Zhao, R. Hydroelastic Analyses ofa Floating Flexible Body in Waves
Zhu, X. & Lee, C. H. Removing the Irregular Frequencies in Wave-Body Interactions
Zou, Z. J. A 3-D Panel Method for the Radiation Problem with Forward Speed
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