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16-19 March 1987
Bristol, U.K.
Host: D.V. Evans (University of Bristol)
Baar, J.J.M. & Price, W.G. Applications of Neumann-Kelvin theory
Calisal, S.M. & Chan, J.L.K. Breaking waves simulation
Cointe, R., Jami, A. & Molin, B. Nonlinear impulsive problems
Evans, D.V. The maximum efficiency of wave-energy devices near coast lines
Germain, J-P. & Berrada, J. Floating bodies in shallow water
Greenhow, M. Water entry and exit of a horizontal cylinder
Grue, J. Wave drift damping and low-frequency oscillations of an elliptic cylinder in irregular waves
Grue, J., Mo, A. & Palm, E. The forces on an oscillating foil moving near a free surface
Han, F.S. & Stansby, P.K. On the application of the boundary element method to two-dimensional free-surface interactions with bodies
Higo, Y. Non-linear hydrodynamic forces acting on two-dimensional bodies oscillating with a large amplitude
Hung, S.M. & Eatock Taylor, R. Second order time harmonic forces on bodies in waves
Jefferys, E.R. Numerical problems of first order diffraction theory
Kim, M.H. Second order diffracted waves around an axisymmetric body
King, B.K. & Beck, R.F. Time-domain analysis of wave exciting forces
Korsmeyer, F.T. On the first- and second-order time-domain radiation problems
Linton, C.M. The heave added-mass and damping coefficients of a semi-submerged torus
McIver, P. Drift forces on multi-element structures
Mehlum, E. Scattering of surface waves over a variable bottom topography: the Ekofisk equation
Newman, J.N. The exciting force and moment in long waves
Papanikolaou, A. & Zaraphonitis, G. On the second-order steady motions of 3D bodies in waves
Peregrine, D.H., Dold, J.W., Tanaka, M., Lewy, M. & Cooker, M. Some computations of steep unsteady water waves
Reitan, A. Wave-power absorption by an oscillating water column with rectangular geometry
Schultz, W.W. A complex-valued integral method for free surfaces with intersecting bodies
Sclavounos, P.D. The vertical wave drift force on floating bodies
Sen, D. & Pawlowski, J.S. Two dimensional flows with the free surface
Simon, M. On the analytic form of wave solutions in the frequency domain
Thomas, G.P. The diffraction of water waves by a circular cylinder in a channel
Ursell, F. Trapping modes in the theory of surface waves
Vinje, T. Non-linear analysis of oscillating water columns
Walton, P. On the use of integral equations in water wave problems
Wu, C-F. & Yeung, R.W. Nonlinear wave-body motion in a closed domain
Wu, G.X. & Eatock Taylor, R. Treatment of the second order derivatives for a ship advancing in waves
Wu, X-J. An interior integral equation method for water wave radiation and diffraction problems
Zhao, R. & Faltinsen, O.M. Interaction between regular waves, current and a two-dimensional free-surface-piercing body
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