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4-7 April 2018
Guidel-Plages, France
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Hosts: Yves-Marie Scolan (ENSTA-Bretagne)
Amini-Afshar M., Bingham H. B. Accurate evaluation of the Kochin function for added resistance using a high-order finite difference-based seakeeping code
Bestehorn M., Tyvand P.A. Nonlocal model for deep water waves of a potential flow
Bhatti M.M., Lu D. Q. Head-on collision between two hydroelastic solitary waves under a thin ice sheet floating on shallow water
Chen J., Duan W., Zhao B.B. Hydrodynamics of side wall effects through image Green function based TEBEM
Chen X.B., Li R., Zhao B.B. A primary analysis of water wavefronts
Chen Q., Zang J., Zhao X., Ning D. Numerical study of the hydrodynamic performance of a pile-restrained WEC-type floating breakwater
Choi Y.M., Malenica S., Bouscasse B., Sopheak S., Monroy C., Gentaz L., Ferrant P. Preliminary study on coupling of viscous and potential flow using domain decomposition and relaxation zones
Clamond D. Robust computation of steady water waves of arbitrary length
Das S., Sahoo T., Meylan M.H. Flexural gravity wave blocking in a two-layer fluid
Ercolanelli J., Le Boulluec M., Scolan Y.-M., Babarit A., Magaldi P. Experimental and numerical investigation of sloshing in anti-roll tank using effective gravity angle.
Evans D.V., Porter R., Chaplin J.R. Extraordinary transmission past cylinders in channels
Gadi R., Huijmans R.H.M., Akkerman I., Vant Veer R. Efficient methodology of roll load prediction on 2D bodies in nonlinear flows
Goteman M., Giassi M., McNatt C. Wave energy park interactions in short-crested waves
Gouin M., Oger G., Le Touze D. Simulation of a fixed cylinder in waves using the SWENSE method within a weakly-compressible approach
Grue J. Analysis of the generation phase of the upstream waves caused by a ship moving across a depth change
Harris J.C., O¡¯Reilly C. M., Mivehchi A., Kuznetsov K., Janssen C. F., Grilli S. T., Dahl J. M. Hybrid modeling of wave structure interaction with overlapping viscous-inviscid domains
Hayatdavoodi M., Neill D. R., Ertekin R. C. Wave Diffraction by Multiple Vertical Cylinders: The Nonlinear Shallow Water Wave Equations
He J., Noblesse F., Yang C.J., Li W., Delhommeau G. The waterline integral in the Neumann-Kelvin theory of ship waves
Huang H., Zhang X. On natural modes in two-dimensional asymmetric and symmetric moonpools in finite water depth
Iafrati A. Effect of the body curvature on aircraft ditching hydrodynamics
Iida T., Kashiwagi M. Backward waves through array of rectangular columns
Iwashita H., Kashiwagi M. An innovative EFD for studying ship seakeeping
Khabakhpasheva T.I., Chen Y., Korobkin A.A., Maki K. Water impact near the edge of a foating ice sheet
Kimmoun O., Hsu H.C., Chabchoub A. Dispersive shock water waves. Experiments and numerical comparisons
Korobkin A.A., Malenica S., Khabakhpasheva T.I. Interaction of hydroelastic waves in ice cover with vertical walls
Kostikov V.K., Makarenko N.I. Formation of waves riding on the forced free-surface flow
Lee J.-H., Kim Y. Prediction of ship operation performance in waves by seakeeping-maneuvering coupled analysis
Liang H., Chen X.B., Feng X. Wave-making problem by a vertical cylinder: Neumann-Kelvin theory versus Neumann-Michell theory
Li Z., Bouscasse B., Ducrozet G., Gentaz L., Ferrant P. Challenges in developing a SWENSE two-phase CFD solver for complex wave conditions
Li R., Duan W. Transient wave run-up on cylinders due to wavefronts
Liu C., Hu C. Numerical simulation of breaking waves using adaptive mesh approach
Li J., Zang J., Liu S., Jia W., Chen Q. Numerical simulation of wave propagation over submerged reef
Malenica S., Vukcevic V. Linearized seakeeping using CFD
Meylan M. H., Bennetts L. G., Ilyas M., Lamichhane B., Peter M. A. Application of the hydroelastic theory of ships to the motion of ice shelves
Michele S., Renzi E., Sammarco P. A second-order theory for wave energy converters with curved geometry
Molin B. On sloshing modes in square or nearly square moonpools
Ning D., Wang R.Q., Gou Y Hydrodynamic investigation of a dual-chamber OWC Wave Energy Converter
Noblesse F. Boundary-integral relations in the theory of ship motions in regular waves
Ouled Housseine C., Malenica S. Semi-analytical solution for wave diffraction-radiation by a truncated porous vertical cylinder
Peter M.A., Bennetts L.G., Craster R.V. Rainbow trapping of water waves
Pinkster J., van der Hout A. Long-period passing vessel forces on ships moored in a port
Porter R. Plate arrays as a water wave metamaterial
Rainey R.C.T The behaviour of short waves in the presence of large long waves
Read R., Bingham H.B. Time- and frequency-domain comparisons of the wavepiston wave energy converter
Robaux F., Benoit M. Modelling nonlinear wave-body interaction with the Harmonic Polynomial Cell method combined with the Immersed Boundary Method on a fixed grid
Sclavounos P.D. , Ma Y. Wave energy conversion using machine learning forecasts and model predictive control
Siddiqui M.A., Greco M., Colicchio G., Faltinsen O.M. Validation of damaged ship hydrodynamics by a Domain Decomposition Approach using the Harmonic Polynomial Cell method and OpenFOAM
Smeltzer B.K., ¨¡s©ªy E., Li Y., Ellingsen S.A. An experimental setup for wave-body forces in shear currents
Song B., Zhang C. Numerical simulation of wave impact with air cavity effects
Sturova I. V., Tkacheva L. A. The uniform motion of an external load along the edge of the ice cover
Tassin A., Breton T., Jacques N Experiments on the water entry and/or exit of a cone
Teng B., Huang J., Zhao Y.F., Gou Y. Wave transmission through vertical thin barriers with gaps in channels by a hyper singular BEM
Vega-Martinez P., Rodriguez-Rodriguez J., Khabakhpasheva T.I., Korobkin A.A. Experimental study of the fast exit of a plate lifting from a water surface
Vyzikas T., Prevosto M., Maisondieu C., Tassin A., Greaves D. Reconstruction of an extreme wave profile with analytical methods
Wang J., Faltinsen O.M. A harmonic polynomial method based on Cartesian grids with local refinement for complex wave-body interactions
White P.F., Beck R.F., Maki K.J., Piro D.J. A combined CFD/Potential flow simulation method for prediction of hydrodynamic maneuvering forces
Yang K.-K., Kim Y., Jung Y.W. Study on asymptotic formula for added resistance in short waves
Yuan Z.-M., Yeung R.W. Unsteady waves generated by two ships with different speeds
Zhang X., Wolgamot H., Draper S., Zhao W., Cheng L. The role of overtopping duration in greenwater loading
Zhao W., Taylor P.H., Wolgamot H.A., Eatock Taylor R. Amplification of wave run-up in random waves driven by tertiary interactions
Zhao B.B., Wang Z., Duan W.Y., Yang W.Q., Ertekin R.C. Steady solution of internal solitary waves in linear shear current
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