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13-16 April 2008
Jeju, Korea
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Hosts: H.S. Choi and Y. Kim (Seoul National University)
Avital, E., Miloh, T. Active sound control using a floating flexible plate
Bao, W, Kinoshita, T Wave forces acting on a semisubmerged aquacultere fish cage
Bingham, H., Engsig-Karup, A.P., Lindberg, O. Multigrid preconditioning for efficient solution of the 3D Laplace problem for wave-body interaction
Blondel, E., Ducrozet, G., Bonnefoy, G., Ferrant, P. Deterministic reconstruction and prediction of nonlinear wave systems
Bredmose, H., Bullock, G.N. Scaling of wave-impact pressures in trapped air pockets
Chen, X.B., Rezende, F. Computation of low-frequency wave loading
Cho, I.H., Kim, M.H. Development of wave absorbing system using an inclined porous plates
Diebold, L., Baudin, E., Henry, J., Zalar, M. Effects on sloshing pressure due to the coupling between seakeeping and tank liquid motion
Doctors, L.J. The unsteady growth of ship waves in a towing tank
Eatock Taylor, R., Sun, L., Taylor, P.H. Gap resonances in focused wave groups
Ermanyuk, E.V., Gavrilov, N.V., Flor, J.B., Voisin, B. 2D and 3D problems of internal wave radiation by a body oscillating in a uniformly stratified fluid
Evans, D.V., Porter, R. Wave trapping by freely-floating circular cylinders
Faltinsen, O.M., Timokha, A. Effect of screens on sloshing in a rectangular tank
Ferrant, P., Gentaz, L., Monroy, C., Luquet, R., Ducrozet, G. Recent advances towards the viscous flow simulation of ships manoeuvering in waves
Fitzgerald, C., McIver, P. Passive trapping structures in the water-wave problem
Greaves, D. Numerical simulation of breaking waves using the volume of fluid method
Greco, M., Bazzi, T., Colicchio, G., Lugni, C. 3D ship-seakeeping problem : weak-scatterer theory plus shallow-water on deck
Grue, J. On cancellation effects in the nonlinear evaluation of the orbital motion in ocean surface waves
Harter, R., Simon. M.J., Abrahams, I.D. The effect of surface tension on localized free-surface oscillations about surface-piercing bodies
Hu, C., Kashiwagi, M. A conservative CIP method for violent free surface flows
Iafrati, A., Korobkin, A. Second order solution of circular disc impact problem
Jensen, A. Experimental and numerical investigation of wave impact on a vertical wall
Kang, H.D., Oh, S.H., Kwon, S.H., Chung, J.Y., Jung, K.H., Jo, H.J. An experimental study of shallow water impact
Kashiwagi, M., Hayashi, T. Experimental confirmation of reciprocity relations of waves around an asymmetric floating body
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. Verification of the method of flat cross-sections for the case of jet impact onto elastic plate
Kim, K.H., Kim, Y. On technical issues in the analysis of nonlinear ship motion and structural loads in waves by a time domain Rankine panel method
Kim, Y, Kim, Y. Analysis of sprining effects on floating barges in time domain by a fully coupled hybrid BEM-FEM
Korobkin, A. Wagner theory of steep wave impact
Lee, S.J., Kim, M.H. The effects of tank sloshing on LNG vessel and floating terminal responses
Lu, D.Q., Dai, S.Q. Asymptotic solutions for flexural-gravity waves due to a transient disturbance
Malleron, N., Scolan, Y.M. Generalized Wagner model for 2D symmetric and elastic bodies
Meylan, M.H., Taylor, R.E. Scattering by arrays of bottom mounted cylinders and the approximation of near trapping in the time domain
Molin, B., Lajoie, D., Jarry, N., Rousseaux, G. Tapping wave energy through Longuet-Higgins microseism effect
Newman, J.N. Linear analysis of wave basins and absorbers
Ning, D.Z., Teng, B., Zang, J., Liu, S.X. A fully nonlinear numerical model for focused wave groups
Peter, M.A., Meylan, M.H. Time-dependent interaction of water waves and a vertical elastic plate
Scolan, Y.M., Korobkin, A.A. Towards a solution of the three-dimensional Wagner problem
Shao, Y.L., Faltinsen, O.M. Towards development of a nonlinear perturbation method for analysis of springing of ships
Sturova, I.V. Time-dependent response of a heterogeneous elastic plate floating on shallow water
Takagi, K., Hotta, J., Korogi, Y. Hydroelastic behavior and fatigue damage of a very large mobile offshore structure in a realistic sea condition
Teigen, P. On wave amplification over submerged lenses
Ten, I., Korobkin, A., Malenica, S., De Lauzon, J., Mravak, Z. Steep wave impact onto a complex 3D structure
Tuitman, J., Malenica, S. Some aspects of whipping response of container ships
Xu, G.D., Duan, W.Y., Wu, G.X. Similarity solution for wedge-shaped fluid/structure impact
Yeung, R.W., Wan, H., Lew, J.M. Interference drag of multiple pressure cushions
Yuck, R. H., Choi, H.S. Shallow-water Wave Propagation over Slowly-varying Bathymetry using High-order Boussinesq Equation
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