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10-13 April 1988
Woods Hole, MA, USA
Host: J.N. Newman (MIT)
Aanesland, V. A Three-Dimensional Panel Method for Calculating Wave-Making
Ando,S. and Cumming, D. Some Important Discrepancies Between Slender-Body Theory and Experiment in the Diffraction Problem
Chakrabarti, S. K. Wave Interaction with a Semicircular Shell Near Bottom Boundary
Chau, F. P. and Eatock Taylor, R. Second Order Velocity Potential for Arbitrary Bodies in Waves
Cointe, R. Remarks on the numerical treatment of the intersection point between a rigid body and a free surface
Cooker, M. and Peregrine, H. Solitary Waves Passing over Submerged Breakwaters
Dommermuth, D.G. and Yue, D.K.P. A High-Order Equation for Shallow-Water Waves
Evans, D. V. Edge Waves Over a Sloping Beach
Ferrant, P. An accelerated computational method for Time-Domain Analysis of 3D Wave-Body Interactions
Flaten, G. and Palm, E. Reflection from Porous Bottom Elevations
Grosenbaugh, M. and Yeung, R. W. Nonlinear Free-Surface Flow at a Two-Dimensional Bow
Grue, J. and Granlund, K. Impact of Nonlinearity upon Waves Travelling over a submerged cylinder
Hendrix, D. and Noblesse, F. Validation of a simple approximate method for evaluating steady ship waves
Hsiao, G. C. and Kleinman, R. E. Iterative Solutions of Floating Body Integral Equations
Hudspeth, R. T. & Sulisz, W. Mass Transport in Wave Flumes
Hung, S. M. and Eatock Taylor, R. The Formulation of Mean Drift Forces and Moments for Floating Bodies
Jensen, G. Numerical Solution of the Nonlinear Ship Wave Resistance Problem
Joo, S. W., Schultz, W. W. and Messiter, A. F. Evolution of Nonlinear Waves Due to a Moving Wall
Kashiwagi, M. and Ohkusu, M. Radiation Problem of a Two-Dimensional Surface-Piercing Body with Forward Speed
Kim, M-H and Yue, D.K.P. The Complete Sum and Difference Frequency Wave Force Quadratic Transfer Functions for an Axisymmetric Body
Korsmeyer, F. T. Details of a Panel-Method Solution to the First-Order Transient Radiation Problem
Lee, C.-H. Removal of irregular frequencies using the modified integral equation
Linton, C. M. and Evans, D. V. Active devices for the reduction of wave intensity
Magee, A. and Beck, R. F. Nonlinear Motions in the Time Domain
Martin, P. A. Oscillating Immersed Plates and Hypersingular Integral Equations
Molin, B. and Boudet, L. Second-Order Deformation of the Free-Surface Elevation around a Vertical Cylinder
Mori, K-H. and Shin, M-S. Critical Condition for the Appearance of Sub-Breaking Waves and Numerical Simulation
Nakos, D. E. A Quadratic Spline Scheme for the Wave Resistance Problem
Newman, J. N. Evaluation of the Wave-Resistance Green Function near the Singular Axis
Nielsen, F. G. Some Simplified Considerations on the Low-Frequency Motion of a Deep Draft Floating Platform
Sclavounos, P. D. Stability Analysis of Free-Surface Panel Methods for the Wave Resistance Problem
Scragg, C. A. and Talcott, J. C. Convergence of the Neumann-Kelvin Problem
Sen, D. and Pawlowski, J. S. Two-dimensional Numerical Modelling of Large Motions of Floating Bodies in Steep Waves
Tsai, W-T and Yue, D. K. P. Nonlinear Standing Waves in a Two-Dimensional Heaving Tank
Tuck, E. O. A Strip Theory for Wave Resistance
Ursell, F. J. On the Kelvin Wave-Source Potential
Walton, P. Short-Wave Asymptotics in Two Dimensional Water Wave Problems
Zaraphonitis, G. and Papanikolaou, A. On the calculation of the Second-Order Free-Surface Inhomogeneity for 3D Ship Motion Problems
Zhao, R. and Faltinsen, O. M. Wave-Current Interaction Effects on Large Volume Structures
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