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3-6 April 2016
Plymouth, MI, USA
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Hosts: Robert Beck and Kevin Maki (University of Michigan)
Behera, Harekrushna, Ng, Chiu-On Wave interaction with multiple flexible porous barriers near a rigid wall
Bredmose, H., Andersen, S. J. Towards a higher-order spectral force model for vertical circular cylinders
Chatjigeorgiou, Ioannis K., Korobkin, Alexander A., Cooker, Mark J. Three-dimensional steep wave impact onto a vertical plate of finite width
Chen, L.F., Zang, J., Taylor, P. H., Stagonas, D., Buldakov, E., Simons, R. Numerical investigation of unsteady hydrodynamic loads on a vertical cylinder in waves and sheared currents
Chen, Xiaobo, Li, Ruipeng Waves generated by an impulsive pertubation on vertical cylinder
Colicchio, G., Greco, M., Faltinsen, O. M. Underwater explosions near marine structures: a Dynamics Fluid Structure Domain-Decomposition strategy
Crowley, S, Porter, R. Mathematical modeling of the WITT wave energy converter
Doctors, Lawrence J. The Raked-Wedge Hull: A Severe Test of Linear Wave-Making Theory
Duffett, Jonathan, Beck, Robert F., Zhang, Xiao, Maki, Kevin J., Newman, J. N. Experimental and numerical study of waves amplified by a submerged plate
Feng, Xingya, Bai, Wei Coupled Motion Equations for Two Interconnected Floating Bodies in an Auxiliary Function Approach
Flavia, F. Fabregas, McNatt, C., Rongere, F., Babarit, A., Clement, A. H. Computation of the Diffraction Transfer Matrix and the Radiation Characteristics in the open source zero-order BEM code NEMOH
Grue, John Upstream waves at ships moving at low subcritical speed
Hayatdavoodi, M., Wagner, J. J., Wagner, J. R., Ertekin, R. C. Vertical Oscillation of a Submerged Horizontal Plate
Hu, Changhong, Liu, Cheng Improvement of Immersed Boundary Method for Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction
Iafrati, A. Effects of plate stiffness on fluid-structure interaction in high-speed plate ditching
Iida, Takahito, Kashiwagi, Masashi Shallow Water Cloaking with Anisotropic Fluid
Jiang, Yichen, Yeung, Ronald W. Efficient Modeling of the Free Roll Motion of Ship Hulls with Bilge Keels
Khabakhpasheva, T.I., Korobkin, A. A., Maki, Kevin J., Seng, Sopheak Water entry and exit with large displacements by simplified models
Kontos, Stavros, Bingham, Harry B., Lindberg, Ole, Engsig-Karup, Allan On nonlinear wave-structure interaction using an immersed boundary method in 2D
Korobkin, A.A., Khabakhpasheva, T. I., Malenica, S. Deformations of an elastic clamped plate in uniform flow and due to jet impact
Kurniawan, Adi, Greaves, Deborah, Hann, Martyn, Chaplin, John, Farley, Francis Wave energy absorption by a floating air-filled bag
Li, Yan, Ellingsen, Simen A. Dispersion relations of waves generated by a traveling oscillating disturbance on a shear current
Liang, Hui, Chen, Xiaobo A multi-domain method for the computation of wave loads
Liang, Sun, Zang, Jun, Standsby, Peter, Moreno, Efrain Carpintero, Taylor, Paul H., Eatock Taylor, Rodney Impact of Hydrodynamic Interactions on the Performance of the Three-float Multi-mode Wave Energy Converter M4 in Regular Waves
Lim, Dong-Hyun, Kim, Taeyoung, Kim, Yonghwan Eigenvalue Approach for Statistical Analyses of the Second-Order Hydrodynamic Responses
Ma, Chao, Zhu, Yi, Wu, Huiyu, He, Jiayi, Zhang, Chenliang, Li, Wei, Noblesse, Francis Highest waves created by a fast ship
Meylan, M.H., Wolgamot, H. Symmetry in Multiple Body Calculations
Moreno, Javier, Thiagarajan, Krish P., Cameron, Matthew, Urbina, Raul Added mass and damping of a column with heave plate oscillating in waves
Newman, J.N. Channel wall effects in radiation-diffraction analysis
Ni, B.Y., Wu, G. X. Water exit of a light body fully submerged initially
Ning, De-Zhi, Wang, Rong-Quan, Teng, Bin, Zang, Jun, Chen, Li-Fen Hydrodynamic investigation of a fixed OWC Wave Energy Converter
Piro, Dominic J., O¡¯Reilly, Christopher, Kring, David A 2-D and 3-D Generalized Wagner Method Using a High-order Boundary Element Method and Acceleration Potential
Read, R.W., Bingham, H. B., Newman, J. N. Measurements of Cloaking Produced by an Array of Circular Cylinders
Rong, Yiyi, Wu, Wei, Liu, Hua Runup of double/triple solitary waves on plane slope
Salwa, Tomasz, Bokhove, Onno, Kelmanson, Mark Variational Coupling of Wave Slamming against Elastic Masts
Sclavounos, Paul D. Nonlinear Loads on a Vertical Circular in Irregular Waves
Scolan, Yves-Marie, Hay, A., Brosset, L. Some aspects of high kinematics in breaking waves due to sloshing
Seiffert, B.R., Ducrozet, G. Deep water wave-breaking in a High-Order Spectral model
Semenov, Y.A., Wu, G. X. Water-Entry of an Expanding Two-Dimensional Section
Seyffert, Harleigh, Troesch, Armin Large Wave Groups - Their Probability, Profiles, and Mean Offsets
Shen, Meng, Liu, Yuming Instability of Axially-Symmetric Propagating Waves by a Vertically-Oscillating Sphere
Skene, David, Bennetts, Luke, Meylan, Michael, Wright, Michael, Maki, Kevin Comparison of mathematical and CFD models of overwash of a step
Teng, B., Gao, S. Coupling of Normal and Hypersingular Integral Equaions in Wave-structure Interaction Problems
Yang, Kyung-Kyu, Kim, Jieung, Kim, Yonghwan PIV Measurement and CFD Computation for Sloshing Impact Flows
Yuan, Zhi-Ming Wave interference effects on two advancing ships
Zareei, Ahmad, Alam, Reza Cloaking by a Floating Thin Plate
Zhang, Xinshu, Yeung, Ronald W. On Hydrodynamic Behavior of a Cylindrical Moonpool with an Entrapped Two-Layer Fluid
Zhao, Wenhua, Wolgamot, H., Eatock Taylor, R., Taylor, P. H. Nonlinear harmonics in the roll motion of a moored barge coupled to sloshing in partially filled spherical tanks
Zhou, B.Z., Wu, G. X., Meng, Q. C. Fully nonlinear solitary wave interaction with a freely floating vertical cylinder
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