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24-27 May 1992
Val de Reuil, France
Host: R. Cointe (DCN Bassin d'Essais des Carenes)
Amromin, E.L. & Bushkovsky, V.A. Determination of wave form afore the ship bow
Ananthakrishnan, P. & Yeung, R.W. Oscillation of a slightlysubmerged cylinder in a viscous fluid
Bennett, G. & Greenhow, M. Nonlinear dynamics of a floating body
Berhault, C., Coudray, T. & Villeger, F. A scope of different methods to compute wave drift damping in regular waves
Bertram, V. & Jensen, G. Side wall and shallow water influence on potential flow
Bingham, H.B. Impulse response functions at steady forward speed
Boudet, L., Cointe, R. & Molin, B. Standing waves in numerical tanks
Broeze, J., Van Daalen, E.F.G. & Zandbergen, P.J. The development of a three-dimensional panel method for nonlinear free surface waves
Cao, Y., Lee, T. & Beck, R.F. Computation of nonlinear waves generated by floating bodies
Chen, X.B. Radial convergence of the second order free surface integral
Clement, A. A. Discrete time model of the transient hydrodynamics Green function
de Jouette, C. A numerical method for unsteady wave flows around submerged obstacles
Delhommeau, G. Computation of nonlinear wave and wave resistance
Dias, F. & Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. Nonlinear bow flows with splashes
Eatock Taylor, R. & Teng, B. Further use of the Timman-Newman relations in assessment of 3D hydrodynamic analyses
Eggers, K. & Schultz, W.W. Investigation on time-harmonic disturbances for inner-Kelvin-angle wave packets
Evans, D.V. Trapped modes about thin vertical plates in a wave tank
Faltinsen, O. & Zhao, R. Slamming on the wetdeck of multihulls
Fontaine. E. & Cointe, R. A second-order solution for the wedge entry problem with small deadrise angle
Grue, J. & Palm, E. The effect of second order velocities on drift forces and drift moments
Guilbaud, M., Coirier, J. & Ba, M. Kelvin singularity approach to compute free-surface flows on yawed and heeled bodies
Kring, D. Free surface flows for semi-displacement craft
Kuznetsov, N.G. Wave resistance of a submerged body moving with an oscillating velocity
Lalli, F., Campana, E. & Bulgarelli, U. Ship waves computations
Li, Y.F., Chang, J.M. & Hsiung, C.C. Numerical solution of nonlinear wave-bottom interactions using numerical conformal mapping
Lin, W.-M. & Yue, D.K.P. Wave forces on a surface-piercing sphere undergoing large-amplitude motions
Linton, C.M. The radiation and scattering of surface waves by a vertical circular cylinder in a channel
Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. The nonlinear diffraction force on a submerged spheroid
Luke, C. & Martin, P.A. Asymptotic study of scattering frequencies for a coupled system
Magee, A. & King, B. Recent work on time-domain analysis
Maz'ya, V. & Vainber& B. On uniqueness and asymptotic behavior of solutions of the Neumann-Kelvin problem
McIver, M. Far-field formulae for the second-order oscillatory force on a body, due to the first-order potential
McIver, P. The wave field around a vertical cylinder in a channel
Miloh, T. & Tyvand, P.A. Axisymmetric nonlinear unsteady free surface flow due to a submerged sink; the drainage problem
Molin, B. & Fourest, J.-M. Numerical modeling of progressive wave absorbers
Mori, K. New treating of the free-surface and downstream boundary conditions in numerical computations of free-surface flows
Newman, J.N. A neo-classical approach to wave-drift damping
Noblesse, F., Yang, C. & Hookey, N. The Fourier integration in the Fourier-Kochin-Galerkin approach
Okhusu, M. Radiation and diffraction waves at high Froude number
Parsons, N.F. & Martin, P.A. Interaction of water waves with thin plates
Pawlowski, J. On the application of the weak scatterer hypothesis for the prediction of ship motions in heavy seas
Quenez, J.-M. & Hazard, C. Perturbation results for the resonances of the sea-keeping problem
Rainey, R.C.T. Insights into 2nd-order diffraction computations, from slender body theory
Raven, H.C. The RAPID solution of steady nonlinear free surface problems
Shen, W.Z., Rouffi, F. & Huberson, S. Numerical simulation of waves around two-dimensional immersed bluff bodies
Simon, M.J. On a bound for the frequency of trapped surface waves for a cylinder spanning a channel
Takagi, K. The drift force on a rectangular body close to the free surface
Tanizawa, K. & Yue, D.K.P. Numerical computation of plunging wave impact loads on a vertical wall. Part 2. The air pocket
Tuck, E.O. & Tulin, M.P. Submerged bodies that do not generate waves
Tulin, M.P. & Yao, Y. Wavemaking by a large oscillating body near tank resonance
Ursell, F. Some problems in the theory of hydrodynamical images
Villeger, F. & Allessandrini, B. Interaction between free surface flow and boundary layer around a ship model
Wu, J.-H. The second-order wave loads on bodies in stratified ocean
Xu, H. & Yue, D.K.P. Numerical study of three-dimensional overturning water waves
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