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27 Feb-1 March 2000
Caesarea, Israel
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Hosts: T. Miloh and G. Zilman (Tel-Aviv University)
Agnon, Y. and Bingham, H.B. A Fourier-Boussinesq method for nonlinear wave propagation on a variable depth fluid
Akylas, T.R. Supercritical wakes in stratified flows
Ando, S. Wind waves and swells: probabilistic models for directions of propagation for moving ships
Borthwick, A.G.L., Turnbull, M.S. and Eatock Taylor, R. Nonlinear wave loading using sigma-transformed and unstructured finite element meshing
van Brummelen, H. and Raven, H. Numerical solution of steady free-surface Navier-Stokes flow
Cadby, J.R. and Linton, C.M. Scattering of oblique waves in a two-layer fluid
Chen, X.-B. Peculiar properties of ship-motion Green functions in water of finite depth
Clamond, D. and Grue, J. Dynamics of the transient leading part of a wave train
van Daalen, E.F.G., Gerrits, J., Loots, G.E. and Veldman, A.E.P. Free surface anti-roll tank simulations with a volume of fluid based Navier-Stokes solver
Dingemans, M.W. and Radder, A.C. The use of the CL-equation as a model for secondary circulations
Doctors, L.J. and Day, A.H. The squat of a vessel with a transom stern
Drimer, N., Glozman, M., Stiassnie, M. and Zilman, G. Forecasting the motion of berthed ships in harbors
Evans, D.V. and Shipway, B.J. A continuum model for multi-column structures in waves
Fontaine, E., Landrini, M. and Tulin, M.P. On modeling the post breaking phase: splashing
Greco, M., Faltinsen, O. and Landrini, M. An investigation of water on deck phenomena
Grilli, S., Guyenne, P. and Dias, F. Numerical computation of three-dimensional overturning waves
Grue, J., Jensen, A., Rusås, P.-O. and Sveen, J.K. Solitary waves in stratified fluid: modelling and experiments
Gueret, R. and Hermans, A.J. Behavior of a ship with elastic distortions in periodic waves
Hamilton, J.A. and Yeung, R.W. Non-linear motion of a submerged body in waves
Huseby, M., Jensen, A. and Grue, J. An experimental investigation of ringing loads on a vertical cylinder in transient waves
Iafrati, A. and Korobkin, A. Liquid flow close to intersection point
Indeitsev, D. and Mochalova, Yu. Trapped modes above a die oscillating on the bottom of a wave channel
Iwashita, H. On unsteady waves generated by a blunt ship with forward speed
Jiang, T. and Henn, R. Nonlinear waves generated by a surface-piercing body using a unified shallow-water theory
Judge, C. and Troesch, A. Asymmetry and horizontal velocity during water impact
Kashiwagi, M. Wave interactions with a multitude of floating cylinders
Kim, Y. Numerical analysis of sloshing problem
Kimmoun, O. and Kharif, C. On the behaviour of steep short-crested waves in deep water and their effects on structures
Landrini, M. and Tyvand, P.A. Impulsive free-surface flow due to a steady line source at the bottom of a uniform fluid layer
Lin, H.J. and Perlin, M. The velocity and vorticity fields beneath gravity-capillary waves exhibiting parasitic ripples
Malenica, S. and Zalar, M. An alternative method for linear hydrodynamics of air cushion supported floating bodies
Molin, B. On the sloshing modes in moonpools, or the dispersion equation for progressive waves in a channel through the ice sheet
Mori, K. and Nagaya, S. Wave making resistance of a submerged hydrofoil with downward force
Newman, J.N. Diffraction of water waves by an air chamber
Noblesse, F., Yang, C. and Hendrix, D. Steady free-surface potential flow due to a point source
Ohkusu, M. Analysis of wave force on a large and thin floating platform
Pelinovsky, E. and Kharif, C. Simplified model of the freak wave formation from the random wave field
Peng, W. and Peregrine, D.H. Pressure-impulse theory for plate impact on water surface
Peregrine, D.H. and Brocchini, M. An instantaneous measure of the strength of a breaker: "foot and toes"
Retzler, C.H., Chaplin, J.R. and Rainey, R.C.T. Transient motion of a vertical cylinder: measurements and computations of the free surface
Rognebakke, O.F. and Faltinsen, O.M. Damping of sloshing due to tank roof impact
Scolan, Y.-M. and Korobkin, A.A. Design of three-dimensional bodies subject to water impact
Shemer, L., Jiao, H. and Kit, E. Nonlinear wave group evolution in deep and intermediate-depth water: experiments and numerical simulations
Subramani, A.K. and Beck, R.F. Suppression of wave breaking in nonlinear water wave computations including forward speed
Tuck, E.O. Numerical solution for unsteady two -dimensional free-surface flows
Ursell, F. The metacentre in the stability of ships. Some difficulties
Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. and Spivak, B. Free-surface wave damping due to viscosity and surfactants
Westhuis, J. H., van Groesen, E. and Huijsmans, R. Long time evolution of unstable bichromatic waves
Wu, G.X. Initial pressure distribution over a wavemaker after an impulsive motion
Wu, G., Liu, Y. and Yue, D.K.P. Numerical reconstruction of nonlinear irregular wave-field using single or multiple probe data
Zhang, J., McIver, M., McIver, P. and Linton, C.M. Embedded trapped modes for arrays of cylinders
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