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2-5 April 2006
Loughborough, UK
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Hosts: C.M. Linton, M. McIver and P. McIver (Loughborough Univ.)
Biggs, N.R.T. & Chamberlain, P.G. An approximation to two-dimensional wave scattering by topography using orthogonal curvilinear coordinates
Bonnefoy, F., Eatock Taylor, R., Taylor, P.H. & Ferrant, P. A high order spectral model for wave interaction with a bottom mounted cylinder
Casetta, L. & Pesce, C.P. The proper definition of the added mass for the water entry problem
Chen, X.B., Lu, D.Q., Duan, W.Y. & Chwang, A.T. Potential flow below the capillary surface of a viscous fluid
Colagrossi, A., Palladino, F., Greco, M., Lugni, C. & Faltinsen, O.M. Experimental and numerical investigation of 2D sloshing: scenarios near the critical filling depth
Colicchio, G., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Fluid-body interaction on a Cartesian grid: dedicated studies for a CFD validation
Cooker, M.J. Sloshing water waves in freely moving tank
Das, D. & Mandal, B.N. Oblique wave scattering by a circular cylinder in two-layer fluid with an ice-cover
Delhommeau, G., Guilbaud, M. & Noblesse, F. A simple theory of overturning ship bow waves
Doctors, L.J. Influence of the transom-hollow length on wave resistance
Eatock Taylor, R., Zang, J., Bai, W. & Walker, D.A.G. Transients in wave diffraction by cylinders and cylinder arrays
Engsig-Karup, A.P., Bingham, H.B., Madsen, P.A. & Hesthaven, J.S. An unstructured DG-FEM method for nonlinear wave-structure interaction
Evans, D.V. & Porter, R. Wave diffraction by a periodically constrained elastic plate floating on water
Faltinsen, O.M., Rognebakke, O.F. & Timokha, A.N. Two-dimensional resonant piston-like sloshing in a moonpool
Farley, F.J.M. & Rainey, R.C.T. Radical design options for wave-profiling wave energy converters
Gazzola, T., Korobkin, A. & Malenica, S. Hydro-elastic Wagner impact using variational inequalities
Greaves, D. Viscous wave interaction with structures
Grue, J. & Jensen, A. Experiments on the velocity and acceleration fields in overturning waves in deep water
Hermans, A.J. Free-surface wave interaction with a thick flexible platform
Hu, C. & Kashiwagi, M. Experimental validation of the computation method for strongly nonlinear wave-body interactions
Iafrati, A. Effect of the wave breaking mechanism on the momentum transfer
Karmakar, D. & Sahoo, T Expansion formula in wave structure interaction problems - revisited
Kashiwagi, M. Wave drift force on a floating body in two-layer fluids
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. Impact of a cylindrical shell on a thin layer of water
Korobkin, A.A. & Iafrati, A. Hydrodynamic loads on flat plate entering water
Kuznetsov, N. Rapid acceleration of a free-surface pressure system in forward motion
Ledoux, A., Molin, B., Delhommeau, G. & Remy, F. A Lagally formulation of the wave drift force
Li, Y. & Mei, C.C. Subharmonic resonance of a trapped wave near a vertical cylinder in a channel
Longuet-Higgins, M. ROBOW: A wavemaker for use in water of infinite depth
Malenica, S., Senjanovic, I. & Tomasevic S. An efficient hydroelastic model for wave induced coupled torsional and horizontal ship vibrations
Mavrakos, S.A. & Chatjigeorgiou, I.K. Second-order diffraction by two concentric truncated cylinders
McIver, P. & McIver, M Motion trapping structures in the three-dimensional water-wave problem
Motygin, O.V. A new approach to uniqueness for linear problems of wave-body interaction
Nam, B.W., Kim, Y. & Kim, D.W. Nonlinear effects of sloshing flows on ship motion
Noblesse, F., Hendrix, D. & Karafiath, G. When is the bow wave of a ship in steady motion unsteady?
Parau, E.I., Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. & Cooker, M.J. Three-dimensional waves in a two-fluid system generated by a moving pressure
Peregrine, D.H., Bredmose, H., Dunn, D.C., Somerville, T.A., Bullock, G.N., Obhrai, C. & Wolters, G. Compressibility of entrained and trapped air in violent water wave impacts
Peter, M.A., Meylan, M.H. & Linton, C. M. Scattering of water waves by arrays of arbitrary bodies
Pinkster, J.A. & Naaijen, P. Passing ship induced long waves in confined water
Pistani, F., Olivieri, A. & Campana, E.F. Experimental study of the wave generation around a ship bow wave at different scales
Porter, R. & Porter, D. Approximations to wave scattering by steep topography
Sclavounos, P.D. Intersections between marine hydrodynamics and optimal control theory
Scolan, Y.-M., Remy, F. & Thibault, B. Impact of three-dimensional standing waves on a flat horizontal plate
Seah, R.K.M. & Yeung, R.W. Symmetric resonant modes between twin bodies
Takagi, K. Hydroelastic motion and drift force of twin-hull very large mobile offshore structure
Thompson, I. & Linton, C.M. Resonant effects in scattering by periodic arrays
Tulin, MY The amplification and reflection of long gravity waves (Tsunamis) on the coastal rise, and the flux at the shoreline
Ursell, F. Water wave problems, their mathematical solution and physical interpretation
Williams, T.D. The scattering by a sea ice/ice shelf transition
Yang, C. & Noblesse, F. The Neumann-Kelvin and Neumann-Michell linear flow models
Zhang, H., Schiffer, H.A. & Bingham, H.B. A method for generating highly nonlinear periodic waves in physical wave basins
Zhang, X. & Beck, R.F. 2-D Body-exact computations in the time domain
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