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16-19 February 1986
Cambridge, MA, USA
Host: J.N. Newman (MIT)
Agnon, Y. & Mei, C. C. Nonlinear resonance of long shelf waves by incident short waves
Akylas, T. R. & Katsis, C. Excitation of threedimensional nonlinear waves by ships moving in shallow water
Aranha, J. A. P. Trapped wave and non-linear resonance in a semi-submersible
Brandsma, F. J. The ray method for nonlinear ship waves
Breit, S. R. Surface-wave interaction between adjacent slender bodies
Chan, J. L. K. & Calisal, S. M. Numerical towing tank for ship motion
Doi, Y. & Kajitani, H. Study on characteristics of stern waves including viscous effects
Dommermuth D. G. & Yue, D. K. Numerical methods for nonlinear two-dimensional waves: regriding versus smoothing
Faltinsen, 0. M. Slow-drift phenomena in irregular waves
Hearn, G. E. Higher order methods of hydrodynamic analysis
van Hooff, R. Dissemination of research results
Jensen, P. S. On the use of Rankine source potential in the ship wave problem
Korsmeyer, F. T. On the solution of the radiation problem in the time domain
Lee, S. C. A preliminary study on the hydrodynamic interaction between the wave, current and body
Liu, Y. W. A simplified boundary integral method for two-dimensional floating body problem
Marshall, K. & Evans, D. V. Wave problems with space-dependent boundary conditions
Martin, J. Evolution of semi-submersible motion in waves
Martin, P. A. Null-field methods for floating cylinders
McIver, M. Diffraction of water waves by a moored horizontal flat plate
McIver, P. & Evans, D. V. Sloshing frequencies in a rectangular tank with a baffle
Mei, C. C., Hara, T. & Naciri, M. Resonant scattering by periodic structures
Molin, B. Second-order double frequency loads and motions for 3D bodies
Nestegard, A. & Vinje, T. Changes in the wave elevation caused by under-water ridges
Newman, J. N. On the wave resistance Green function
Papanikolaou, A. On the nonlinear wave forces acting on partially or fully submerged cylinders in waves
Pousin, J., Verriere, M, & Lenoir, M. Study of the application of the localized finite element method for the resolution of the 2D Neumann-Kelvin problem
Schwartz, L. The nonlinear evolution of viscous fingers -- a water-wave problem in disguise
Sclavounos, P. D. Recent advances in unified theory
Stiassnie, M. Energy calculations based on the modified Zakharov equation
Troesch, A. A theoretical investigation of wall reflections
Tuck, E. 0., & Grundy, I. H. Waves generated by airflow from a stationary hovercraft
Ursell, F. On the decay of wave motion in water of finite depth
Wang, P. F. Transient second-order diffraction by a vertical cylinder using the Weber transform
Wehausen, J. V. The radiation condition and causality
Wu, T. Y. Periodic generation of solitons by steady moving bodies
Wu, X. J. & Price, W. G. Appearance and dissappearance of irregular frequencies in wave-structure interaction problems
Yue, D. K. & Kagemoto, H. Wave Forces on a Platform Supported on a Large Number of Floating Legs
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