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2-5 April 1995
Oxford, UK
Host: R. Eatock Taylor (University of Oxford)
Aranha, J.A.P. An epistemological innovation in water wave theory: numerical results as a benchmark for analytical results
Bellier, J.L. and Champy, I. Study of the second-order sea-keeping problem for submerged bodies
Chadwick, E. and Bettess, P. Modelling the wave envelope of progressive waves
Clement, A. and Domgin J.F. Wave absorption in a 2D numerical wave basin by coupling two methods
Contento, G. A numerical wave tank for the 21) free floating body problem
Cooker, M.J. Modified pressure impulse theory for wave impact
Doutreleau, Y. Resonances for the 3D Neumann-Kelvin problem in the case of an immersed body
Emmerhoff, O.J., Kim, S. and Sclavounos, P.D. Time-simulations of second-order forces
Evans, D.V. and Fernyhough, M. Edge waves along periodic coastlines
Faltinsen, O.M. Ringing loads on gravity based structures
Farina, L. and Martin, P. Interaction of water waves with floating and submerged circular plates
Ferrant, P. Nonlinear wave loads and runup upon a surface piercing cylinder
Finie, S. and Grue, J. Analysis of the forces and the responses of floating bodies with a slow yaw-motion
Friis, A., Rusfis, P-O., Grue, J. and Palm, E. A time-stepping model for two-dimensional nonlinear interfacial waves
Galper, A. and Miloh, T. Hydrodynamic loads on a cylinder moving
Gentaz, L., Alessandrini, B. and Delhommeau, G. Numerical simulation in viscous fluid of a two-dimensional forced heaving cylinder on a free surface
Greaves, D.M., Borthwick, A.G.L., Eatock Taylor, R. and Wu, G.X. Analysis of wave-body interactions using adaptive finite element meshes
Huang, Z.J. and Hsiung, C.C. Nonlinear shallow water flow on a three-dimensional deck
Hughes, M.J. Application of a higher order panel method for computing higher derivatives of the steady potential in a ship motions program
Kagemoto, H., Fujino, M. and Zhu, T.Y. A new approximate technique for the hydrodynamic analyses of a huge floating structure
Kalliadasis, S., Peregrine D.H. and Topliss, M.E. Aspects of violent water wave impacts
Kashiwagi, M. A new slender-ship theory with arbitrary forward speed and oscillation frequency
Kim, D.J. and Kim, M.H. Interaction of a large three-dimensional body with waves and currents by THOBEM
King, A.C. The initial development of a jet
Kinoshita, T. and Bao, W. Interaction of freely oscillating vertical cylinders with waves and slow current
Korobkin, A. Acoustic effects on water impact
Korsmeyer, F.T. and Bingham, H.B. Seakeeping computations in following waves
Kring, D., Huang, Y. and Sclavounos, P. D. Time domain ship motions with a nonlinear extension
Landrini, M. and Campana, E. Wave and forces about a turning flat plate
Lin, W-M., Xue, M. and Yue, D.K.P. Linear and nonlinear analysis of hydrodynamic loads on a flared axisymmetric body oscillating in a free surface
Malenica, S. How to remove secularity in the solution of diffraction-radiation problems with small forward speed
Maniar, H. A B-spline based higher order method in 3D
Martin, P.A. Another look at wide-spacing approximations for three dimensional multiple-scattering problems
Mas, S. and Clement, A. Computation of the finite depth time-domain Green function in the large time range
McIver, M. The existence or otherwise of trapped modes in channels
McIver, P. Arrays of wave-energy devices
Motygin, O. and Kuznetsov, N. The 2D Neumann-Kelvin problem for a surface-piercing tandem
Newman, J.N. and Lee, C.H. Runup on a vertical cylinder in long waves
Ohkusu, M. and Imai, Y. Wave force on floating platform on the water of varying depth
Porter, R. and Evans, D.V. Wave scattering by periodic arrays of breakwaters
Prins, H.J. and Hermans, A.J. Step-response functions in ship hydrodynamics
Rainey, R.C.T. The hydrodynamic load at the intersection of a cylinder
Raven, H.C. Nonlinear effects in ship wave pattern predictions
Schumann, C. A simple idea to calculate shallow water flow with steep waves
Sclavounos, P.D. and Kim, Y.W. Third-order diffraction of surface waves by a time-domain Rankine panel method
Sierevogel, L.M. and Hermans, A.J. Absorbing boundary condition for floating objects in current and waves
Tanizawa, K. A nonlinear simulation method of 31) body motions in waves: formulation with the acceleration potential
Thiart, G., Bertram, V. and Jensen, G. A higher-order panel method for nonlinear free-surface flows about hydrofoils
Tulin, M.P. On the linear generation and propagation of caustic waves by unsteady moving disturbances at the free surface
Ursell, F. Infinite systems of equations.
van Daalen, E.F.G., van Groesen, E. and Pudjaprasetya, S.R. Solitary wave splitting due to a mildly sloping bottom
Wu, GA., Ma, Q.W. and Eatock Taylor, R. Nonlinear wave loading on a floating body
Xue, M. and Yue, D.K.P. Fully-nonlinear three-dimensional interaction between water waves and a surface-piercing body
Yeung, R. W. and Yu, X. Unsteady waves near a vertical circular
Zhang, S., Storhaug, G. and Yue, D.K.P. Wave loads on a vertical elastic wall
Zhao, R. Linear analyses of a 2D floating and liquid filled membrane structure in waves
Zhu, X. Numerical method for nonlinear wave loads on a truncated cylinder
Zou, Z.J. A 3D numerical solution for a surface-piercing plate oscillating at forward speed
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