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23-26 May 1993
St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Host: J. Pawlowski (Institute for Marine Dynamics)
Adegeest, L.J.M. Nonlinear Ship Responses in Head Waves
Bertram,V., Laudan, J. and Jensen, G. Validation Gives New Insights Into Nonlinear Inviscid Flow Computations
Bingham, H.B. Force Calculations Using The Linearized Radiation Potentials at Steady Forward Speed
Campana, E., Di Mascio, A., Esposito, P.G. and Lalli, F. A Multidomain Approach to Free Surface Viscous Flows
Cao, Y., Beck, R.F. and Schultz, W.W. An Absorbing Beach for Numerical Simulations of Nonlinear Waves in a Wave Tank
Chen, X-N and Sharma, S.D. Optimization of Ship Wave Resistance in Shallow Water
Emmerhoff, O.J. and Sclavounos, P.D. The Slow Yaw Motion of Offshore Structures
Evans, D.V., Levitin, M. and Vasiliev, D. An Existence Theorem for Trapped Modes in Channels
Fernyhough, M. The Method of Modified Residue Calculus Applied to Horizontal Plate Problems in Linear Waves
Ferrant, P. Computation of Fully Nonlinear Free Surface Flows in Three Dimensions
Grilli, S.T., Losada, M.A. and Martin, F. Impact of Breaking Waves over Emerged and Submerged Coastal Structures
Gong, I-Y Time Domain Analysis of Wave Exciting Forces Acting on A Floating Body
Kashiwagi, M. and Ohkusu, M. Forward-Speed Effects on Hydrodynamic Interactions between Twin Hulls of A Catamaran in Waves
Kim, M.H. The Use of Kochin Functions for The Second-Order Wave-Body Interaction
Kvalsvold, J. and Faltinsen, O. Hydroelastic Modelling of Slamming against Wetdecks
Lee, C-H and Zhu, X. Second-Order Diffraction and Radiation Solutions on Floating Bodies
Lei, X. and Bergdahl, L. Dynamic Response of Linked, Moored, Floating Structures
Lin, W-M and Yue, D.K.P. Time-Domain Analysis for Floating Bodies in Mild-Slope Waves of Large Amplitude
Linton, C.M. Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Bodies in Channels
Liu, Y. and Yue, D.K.P. Resonant Reflection of Surface Waves Travelling over Bottom Undulations
Maisondieu, C. and Cl6ment, <A. A Realizable Force Feedback- eedforward Control Loop for A Piston Wave Absorber
Malenica, S. Wave Forces on Cylinders Advancing with Small Forward Speed in Water of Moderate Depth (Wave Drift Damping)
Malmeliden, J.F. An Efficient Numerical Method for 3-D Flow around A Submerged Body
Martin, P.A. and Rizzo, F.J. Boundary Integral Equations for Bodies of Small, but Finite, Thickness
Miloh, T. and Avital, E. Ship Generated Internal Waves in Highly Stratified Seas, The Inverse Problem
Mori, K-H. Resistance and Lifting Force of A Submerged Body with A Wing Producing A Downward Lifting Force
Mclver, M. Nonlinear Wave Forces on Offshore Structures
Mclver, P. Recovery of Open-Sea Results from Narrow Tank Tests
Newman, J.N. Deformable Floating Bodies
Parsons, N.F. and Martin, P.A. Trapped Modes above A Submerged Flat Plate
Pawlowski, J.S. A Perturbation Formulation of the Ship Wave Resistance Problem
Petersson, N.A. A Continuation Method for Computing Non-linear 3-D Free Surface Flows
Prins, H.J. and Hermans, A.J. Time Domain Calculations of The Second-Order Drift Force on a Floating Object in Current and Waves
Quenez, J-M and Hazard, C. Resonances of The 2-D Neumann-Kelvin Problem
Simon, M.J. and Kuznetzov, N.G. On Uniqueness in Linearized Two-Dimensional Water-Wave Problem for Two Surface piercing Bodies
Song, S.W. and Baddour, R.E. Computations of Nonlinear Ship Waves
Sulisz, W. Second-Order Solution for Semi-Submerged Horizontal Rectangular Cylinder
Tulin, M.P., Wang, P. and Yao, Y. The Numerical Simulation of Long Unstable Wave Trains Leading to Group Formation, Wave Deformation and Breaking
Ursell, F. Note on the Cauchy-Poisson Problem for Finite Depth in Three Dimensions
Vada, T. and Nakos, D.E Time-marching Schemes for Ship Motion Simulations
van Daalen, E.F.G., van Groesen, E. and Zandbergen, P.J. A Hamiltonian Formulation for Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions
Qi Xu, Pawlowski, J.S. and Baddour, R.E. Simulation of Nonlinear Irregular Waves by Green-Na9hdi Theory
Xue, M. and Yue, D.K.P. Unsteady Axisymmetric Flow over A Submerged Sink
Yeung, R.W. and Cermelli, C.A. The Shell Functions: A Global Method for Computing Time-Dependent Free-Surface Flows
Zou, Z.J. A 3-D Panel Method for Free-Surface Flows around Ships at Small Angles of Yaw
Jefferys, R. A Slender Body Model of Ringing
Murray, J.J. Considerations for the Design and Testing of Large Models of Fixed Offshore Structures
Nielsen, F.G. and Olsen, G. Hydrodynamic Challenges related to Large Volume Floating Production Platforms
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