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14-17 April 1991
Woods Hole, MA, USA
Host: J.N. Newman (MIT)
Aranha, J.A.P. Wave Groups and Slow Motion of An Ocean Structure
Bertram, V. & Söding, H. A Panel Method for Ship Motions
Boudet, L., Cointe, R. & Molin, B. Nonlinear propagation of bichromatic wave trains
Broderick, L.L. Water Waves Deformable Bodies
Cao,Y., Schultz, W.W. & Beck, R.F. Two-Dimensional Solitary Waves Generated by a Moving Pressure on the Free Surface
Clarisse, J.M. Highly oscillatory behaviors in the Neumann-Kelvin Problem
Clement, A. The Diffraction of a Solitary Wave by a Free Surface Piercing Cylinder
Cole, S.L. & Strayer, T.D. Free Surface Flow Past a Cylinder
Cooker, M.J. & Peregrine, D.H. Water Wave Impact: Computations, Theory
Emmerhoff, O. & Sclavounos, P.D. Slow-Drift Simulations of a Multi-Leg Structure in a Short Crested Sea State
Evans, D.V. Trapped Modes Near Bodies in Channels
Fernandes, A.C. & Levy, L.A.P. On the Azimuthal Integration for the Calculation of First and Second Order Wave Forces on Floating Platforms
Ferrant, P. Three Dimensional Unsteady Wave-Body Interactions in a Bounded Domain
Gottlieb, O. Nonlinear Oscillations, Bifurcations and Chaos in Wave-Structure Interactions Systems
Grue, J. Wave-Current Interaction with Floating Bodies at Moderate Water Depth
Huang, D.L. & Zhong, Z. Wave Forces on a Ship Running in Quartering Waves
Huang, Z., Hsiung, C.C. A Hydro-Aero-Elastic Model for Slamming of a 2-D Ship Hull Section
Jefferys, E.R., Billings, S.A., Jamaluddin, H. & Tomlinson, G.R. A Non-Linear Discrete Time Model of the Drift Force
Kagemoto, H. Minimization of Wave Forces on an Array of Floating Bodies - The Inverse Hydrodynamic Interaction Theory
Kashiwagi, M., & Ohkusu, M. Second-Order Steady Force and Yaw Moment on a Ship Advancing in Waves
Kim, M.H. The Approximate Evaluation of Second-Harmonic Vertical Forces on a Tension-Leg Platform
Korsmeyer, F.T. The Time Domain Diffraction Problem
Lee, C.H. Second-Order Wave Loads on a Stationary Body
Li, Y.F., Chuang, J.M. & Hsiung, C.C. Computation of Nonlinear 2-D Free-Surface Flow Using the Hilbert Methods
Liao, S.J. The Numerical Limiting Form of 2-D Nonlinear Gravity Waves, Past a Submerged Vortex by Finite Process Method (FPM)
Liapis, S. On a Method for Removing the Irregular Frequencies from Integral Equations for Water-Wave Radiation Problems
Linton, C.M. Trapped Modes Above a Submerged Horizontal Plate
Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. The High-Order Diffraction Forces on a Submerged Circular Cylinder
Marthinsen, T. The Statistics of Irregular Second-Order Waves
Martin, P. Ursell's Multipoles and the Rayleigh Hypothesis
McCreight, W.R. Ship Motions with Nonlinear High Speed Effects
McIver, P. & Rawlins, A.D. Matching Problems Involving Flow From Ducts
Mei, C.C. & Naciri, M. Ship Oscillations and Wake Solitons
Nakos, D. Transverse Wave Cut Analysis by a Rankine Panel Method
Nestegard, A. & Vada, T. Wave Induced Motions of Surface Effect Ships
Newman, J.N. The Inverse Ship-Wave Problem
Noblesse, F. The Fourier-Kochin-Galerkin Approach to the Calculation of Flow About a Ship Advancing in Waves
Palm, E. On non-linear Reflection from a Submerged, Circular Cylinder
Pawlowski, J.S. An Explicit Form of the Impermeability Condition and its Application in Hydrodynamics and Hydroelasticity
Petersson, N.A. & Malmliden, J.F. Computing the Flow Around a Submerged Body using Composite Grids
Shin, M.S., Lee, Y.G. & Kang, K.J. Numerical Simulation of the Free-Surface Flow Around a Floating Body
Tanizawa, K. & Yue, D.K.P. Numerical Computation of Plunging Wave Impact Loads on a Vertical Wall
Tsai, W.T. & Yue, D.K.P. Nonlinear Interactions Between a Free Surface and a Vortex Sheet Shed by a Moving Surface
Tuck, E.O. Waveless Solutions of Wave Equations
Tulin, M.P., Miloh, T., Yao, P.W. & Yao, T. Near Field Internal Wave Generated by a Ship in a Shallow Thermocline
Ursell, F. The Cauchy-Poisson Problem for Finite Depth in Three Dimensions
van Daalen, E.F.G. & Huijsmans, R.H.M. Some Notes on the Wavemaker Problem
White, J.A. Methods for Evaluating the Safety of Ships on Different Routes
Wu, G.X. Hydrodynamic Impact of the Water Wave
Wu, J. & Chen, Y. On the Second Order Wave Diffraction Problems
Yeung, R.W., Ananthakrishnan, P. Large-Amplitude Oscillation of Two-Dimensional Bodies in a Viscous Fluid with a Free Surfacce
Zhao, R. & Faltinsen, O.M. Water Water Entry of a Two-Dimensional Body
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