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24-28 August 2020
Virtual workshop
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Hosts: Yonghwan Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
Anastasiou E.I., Chatjigeorgiou I.K., Loukogeorgaki E., Miloh T. Miloh's image singularities for oblate spheroids - A method developed for the water wave diffraction and radiation problems
Archer A., Wolgamot H., Orszaghova J., Bennetts L.G., Peter M.A., Craster R.V. Experimental observation of Rainbow Trapping of water waves
Barratt D., Bingham H.B., Taylor P.H., Van den Bremer T.S., Adcock T.A.A. On the rapid spectral evolution of steep wave groups: directional spreading and the spectral tail
Behera H., Selvan S.A., Ghosh S., Meylan M.H. Flexural wave motion in viscous fluid: Stability analysis
Bredmose H., Pegalajar-Jurado A. An NlogN method for second-order wave loads on a vertical pile
Del Buono A., Iafrati A., Tassin A., Ianniello S. A fully-nonlinear potential flow model for water entry/exit in aircraft ditching applications
Chen L., Taylor P.H., Draper S., Wolgamot H., Cheng L., Ning D.Z. Nonlinear wave runup on a FPSO bow causing greenwater events
Chen X.B., Liang H., Choi Y.M. Ship-motion Green function with viscous effect
Choi Y.M., Bouscasse B., Gentaz L., Ferrant P., Malenica S. A coupling of linear potential flow model based on Poincare's velocity representation and viscous flow model based on SWENSE
Clamond D. On dispersion-corrected shallow water equations with varying bottom
Colicchio G., Antuono M. Study of the interaction of a solitary wave with a submerged obstacle through a depth semi-averaged model
Ding H., Zang J., Gao J., Blenkinsopp C. Numerical study on the influence of heave motion on gap resonance between two floating boxes
Van der Eijk M., Wellens P.R., Bos W.R. Aerated wave impacts on floating bodies
Feng X., Taylor P.H., Bai W., Adcock T.A.A. Extraction of higher harmonic wave elevation and loads using a four-phase approach in fully nonlinear simulations
Ghadirian A., Bredmose H. CFD based detection of slamming loads for calibration of a pressure-impulse model
Grue J., Osyka B. Vertical column in strong water wave events: runup, runup velocity and their scaling
Hicks J., Bingham H.B., Read R., Engsig-Karup A.P. Incorporating a semi-Lagrangian body-free-surface intersection point in a fully nonlinear potential flow model
Ouled Housseine C., Molin B., Zhao W. Third-order wave run-up in diffraction-radiation problems
Huang Y., Wang X., Dev A., Hudson D.A. Numerical simulation of Air Cavity with water waves
Kashiwagi M., Iwashita H., Waskito K.T., Hinatsu M. Prediction of Wave Loads with Measured Unsteady Pressure Distribution on Ship-Hull Surface
Khabakhpasheva T.I., Korobkin A.A. Oblique impact of elastic plate on thin liquid layer
Korobkin A.A., Khabakhpasheva T.I. Vertical impact on floating ice
Kostikov V., Hayatdavoodi M., Ertekin R.C. On drift motion of deformable ice sheets by nonlinear waves
Lee I.J., Kim E.S., Kwon S.H. A note on a trial to improve linearized solution in water wave problems
Lee J., Ahn Y., Kim J., Kim Y. Experimental study of phase transition in sloshing-induced impact in two-dimensional tank
Li M., Yuan Z.M., Yeung R.W. Unsteady waves generated by a ship travelling over a step bottom
Liu S., Zhang S.H. A modified Benjamin-Feir index for crossing sea states
Malenica S., Bigot F. On the generalized motions/deformations of the floating bodies
McCauley G., Wolgamot H., Draper S., Orszaghova J. Non-linear hybrid model for forced heave of a shallowly submerged cylinder
Meylan M.H., Sahoo T., Das S. Flexural gravity wave scattering for compressed ice
Milne I.A., Kimmoun O., Molin B., Graham J.M.R. An experimental and numerical study of the vortex shedding dynamics during gap resonance
Orszaghova J., Taylor P.H., Wolgamot H., Madsen F.J., Pegalajar-Jurado A., Bredmose H. Second and third order sub-harmonic wave responses of a floating wind turbine
Park J., Nam B., Kim Y. Prediction of hydrodynamic forces on passing ships
Santo H., Taylor P.H., Dai S.S., Day A.H., Chan E.S. Experiments of wave-in-deck into a solid deck using focussed waves
Shao Y. On a new explicit time-integration method for advection equation and its application in hydrodynamics
Shen Y., Greco M., Faltinsen O.M., Ma S. Numerical study towards closed fish farms in waves using two Harmonic Polynomial Cell methods
Song Z., Lu L., Tang G., Lou X., Cheng L. Effects of nonlinearity on wave-induced fluid resonance within a narrow gap between two barges
Stepanyants Y.A, Sturova I.V. Unsteady motion of two-dimensional dipole in water under floating compressed elastic plate
Teng B., Liang S., Gou Y., Korobkin A.A., Malenica S. Singularity in the second order flexural-gravity waves
Waseda T. Wave groups in the ocean
Wu Z., Zhang X.S., Grue J. Numerical investigation on ship generated mini-tsunamis
Xu Y., Bingham H.B., Shao Y. Finite difference solutions for nonlinear water waves using an immersed boundary method
Yasukawa H., Hasnan M.A.A. Wave-induced drift motion during ship turning
Zhang T.Y., Wang Z., Wang Z.H., Xie B.T., Zhao B.B., Duan W.Y., Hayatdavoodi M. On mode 1 and mode 2 internal solitary waves in a three layer fluid system
Zhang X.S., Li Z., Han J. Natural modes in three-dimensional rectangular moonpools with recess in finite-depth waters
Zhao B.B., Xu Y., Zheng K., Duan W.Y., Shao Y.L., Ertekin R.C. Time domain simulation of the unidirectional and directional focused waves
Zhao W., Taylor P.H., Wolgamot H., Ouled Housseine C. Heading and spreading effects on wave run-up due to tertiary interactions
Zheng S., Meylan M.H., Zhu G., Greaves D., Iglesias G. Wave scattering from multiple circular floating porous elastic plates
Zhu Z., Kim B.S., Kim Y. Experimental study of sloshing effect on added resistance in head waves
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