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25-28 March 1990
Manchester, UK
Hosts: F. Ursell and P. Martin (University of Manchester)
Akylas, T.R. & Mathew, J. Finite-amplitude edge waves
Anderson, A., Diver, D.A. & Peregrine, D.H. Slender, steep and breaking water waves
Andersson, P. An experimental study of surface waves generated by submerged bodies
Angell, T.S. & Kleinman, R.E. Some questions in optimal design of floating bodies
Bertram, V. A Rankine source approach to forward speed diffraction problems
Bonnet, A.S. & Joly, P. Mathematical and numerical study of trapping waves
Callan, M.A. Trapping modes above non-cylindrical bodies
Chau, F.P. & Eatock Taylor, R. A comment on the second order diffraction potential for a vertical cylinder
Chen, X.B. & Molin, B. High frequency interactions between TLP legs
Chun, H.H., McGregor, R.C. & Miller, N.S. Prediction of the added resistance of a SWATH ship
Clarisse, J.M. Thirty years after, the evaluation of the single integral part of the Kelvin wave source potential in the far-field
Cointe, R. Hydrodynamic impact analysis of a cylinder, modelling the jet
Cooker, M.J. & Peregrine, D.H. A model of the shock pressures from breaking waves
Dgaygui, K. & Joly, P. Absorbing boundary conditions for linear gravity waves 15 K Eggers, On the breakdown of ship wave ray tracing near the bow
Eggers, K. On the breakdown of ship wave ray tracing near the bow
Flaten, G. & Palm, E. Dissipation and diffraction of an incoming wave due to a submerged, horizontal, permeable, circular cylinder
Friis, A. Second order diffraction forces on a submerged body by second order Green function method
Greenhow, M. Water exit of slender and non-slender bodies
Grue, J. & Palm, E. Mean forces on floating bodies in waves and current
Hazard, C. & Lenoir, M. Numerical computation of resonant states for the 2-D linear sea-keeping problem
Hu, C. & Eatock Taylor, R. Motions of 2D bodies at small forward speed 22 AC King, Some aspects of free surface flow over a submerged body
King, A.C. Some aspects of free surface flow over a submerged body
Korsmeyer, F.T. An order N algorithm for the solution of the boundary integral equations of potential flow
Krokstad, J.R. Second-order wave forces and moments in multidirectional seas
Lee, C-H. (Kochin-type) second-order wave exciting forces
Linton, C.M. & Evans, D.V. Compressed air breakwaters
Martin, P.A. Oscillating immersed plates and hypersingular integral equations, II
McIver, P. & Simon, M.J. Wave scattering by a vertically axisymmetric body in a channel
Mehlum, E. & Spjelkavik, B. Strongly nonlinear waves in a tapered channel
Miloh, T. Oblique water entry of spherical shapes with special reference to the ricocheting phenomenon
Molin, B. On the added mass and damping of porous cylinders-non harmonic motion
Pawlowski, J.S. & Bass, D.W. The development of a time domain simulation method for the prediction of scattering forces and large ship motions in waves
Peregrine, D.H. & Cooker, M.J. Computations of waves breaking against a vertical wall
Pesce, C.P. & Aranha, J.A.P. Families of trial functions for the three-dimensional variational method on wave-body interaction problems
Pizer, D. Low frequency motions of semi submersibles
Rainey, R.C.T. Energy arguments under a "wavy lid"-a new approach to capsizing and other highly nonlinear problems
Raven, H.C. The negative wave resistance paradox in Dawsons method
Schultz, W.W. Cao, Y. & Beck, R.F. Three-dimensional nonlinear wave computation by desingularized boundary integral method
Sclavounos, P.D. The slow-drift oscillation of a floating body
Standing, R.G. Some problems in predicting low-frequency motion damping and response of floating offshore structures
Thomas, G.P. Wave diffraction by an array of cylinders in a channel
Tulin, M.P. A Kolaini & H Qu, Short-crested waves in the laboratory and related phenomena
Tyvand, P.A. A strong vortex placed near a free surface
Ursell, F. Some unfinished and unsolved problems in the linear theory of water waves
van der Stoep, C. & Hermans, A.J. The influence of a slowly oscillating movement on the velocity potential
Wu, G.X. Hydrodynamic forces on a submerged cylinder advancing in waves of finite water depth
Yeung, R.W. & Vaidhyanathan, M. Nonlinear wave diffraction over submerged obstacles
Zang, Y. Nestegard, A. & Vada, T. Motions of surface effect ships
Zhao, R. & Faltinsen, O. Seakeeping of high-speed vessels
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