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7-10 April 2013
Marseille, France
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Hosts: Bernard Molin
Bai, W. & Huo, C. Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction using a level-set immersed boundary method
Benoit, M., Yates, M.L. & Chazel, F. A comparison of simulation approaches based on the Zakharov equations for nonlinear waves in the coastal zone
Bingham, H.B. & Amini Afshar, M. A note on added resistance for slow ships
Buldakov, E.V. Lagrangian modelling of extreme wave groups
Carbone, F., Dutykh, D., Dudley, J.M. & Dias, F. Extreme wave run-up on a vertical cliff
Casetta, L., Franzini, G.R. & Pesce, C.P. The impact of a fractionally (viscoelastic) damped system onto the water free surface
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K., Mavrakos, S.A. & Miloh, T. On the wave resistance of an immersed prolate spheroid in infinite water depth
Chen, L.F., Morgan, G.C.J., Zang, J., Hillis, A. & Taylor, P.H. Modelling wave interaction with a surface-piercing vertical cylinder using Open-FOAM
Choi, Y.M. & Malenica, S. Semi analytical solution for second order hydroelastic response of the vertical circular cylinder in monochromatic water waves
Christiansen, T.B., Engsig-Karup, A.P. & Bingham, H.B. Hybrid-spectral model for fully nonlinear numerical wave tank
Clamond, D. Free surface determination from pressure measurements at the sea bed
Clément, A.H. A second order ordinary differential equation for the frequency domain Green function
Colicchio, G., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. A numerical strategy for gas cavity-body interactions from acoustic to incompressible liquid phases
Cong, P.W., Teng, B., Zhang, K. & Huang, Y.F A model test for the wave interaction with a four-cylinder structure
Dai, Y. & Chen, X.-B./td> Evaluation of time-domain capillary-gravity Green function
Doctors, L.J. The limits of applicability of shallow-water wave theory
Dupont, G., Kimmoun, O., Molin, B., Guenneau, S. & Enoch, S. Dupont, G., Kimmoun, O., Molin, B., Guenneau, S. & Enoch, S.
Farley, F.J.M. Capture width for arrays of wave energy converters
Gou, Y., Chen, X.J., Wang, G.B., Teng, B. & Ning, D.Z. The wave radiation problem in a two-layer fluid by time-domain method
Grilli, S., Harris, J.C., Kirby, J.T., Shi, F., Ma, G., Masterlark, T., Tappin, D. & Tajalli, Bakhsh, T.S. On the dispersive modeling of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami generation by coseismic/SMF processes, and near- and far-field impact
Grue, J. A nonlinear calculations of interfacial waves generated by a moving ship and evaluation of the forces in the dead water problem
Huang, F., Li, X., Noblesse, F., Yang, C. & Duan, W.-Y. Illustrative applications of the Neumann-Michell theory of ship waves
Iafrati, A. & Calcagni, D. Iafrati, A. & Calcagni, D.
Kagemoto, H., Murai, M. & Fujii, T. Second-order resonance among an array of two rows of vertical circular cylinders
Kang, H.Y. & Kim, M.H. Time-domain hydro-elastic dynamic analysis of a large floating body including second-order wave loads
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Korobkin, A.A. Multiple oblique impacts on thin liquid layer with restoring forces
Kharif, C., Viroulet, S. & Thomas, R. The effect of a vertically sheared current on rogue wave properties
Kim, T. & Kim, Y. Numerical analysis of floating-body motions in arbitrary bathymetric domain
Konispoliatis, D.N. & Mavrakos, S.A. Hydrodynamic interaction among multiple cylindrical OWC devices restrained in regular waves
Korobkin, A.A. Wagner-type models of water impact with separation for a finite wedge
Kuznetsov, N. & Motygin, O. Trapping of time-harmonic waves by freely floating structures consisting of multiple bodies (motionless and/or heaving)
Lindberg, O., Glimberg, S.L., Bingham, H.B., Engsig-Karup, A.P. & Schjeldahl, P.J. Towards real time simulation of ship-ship interaction - Part II: double body flow linearization and GPU implementation
Lu, L., Chen, X.-B., Teng, B., Gou, Y., Jiang, S. & Guo, X. Dissipation around rolling boxes
Lugni, C., Bardazzi, A., Faltinsen, O.M. & Graziani, G. Fluid-structure interaction during wave-impact with air-entrapment in a sloshing tank
Makasyeyev, M.V. Shapes of zero wave resistance and trapped modes
Meylan, M.H. & Fitzgerald, C. Near trapping and the singularity expansion method
Minoura, M., Hirao, C., Miyazaki, Y. & Kashiwagi, M. External dynamics system of twin floating bodies for perfect wave absorption
Mohanty, S.K., Mondal, R. & Sahoo, T. Time dependent flexural gravity wavemaker problem
Mohapatra, S.C. & Sahoo, T. Expansion formula for velocity potential for wave interaction with floating and submerged structures
Newman, J.N. Cloaking a circular cylinder in deep water
Ning, D.Z., Lin, H.-X. & Teng, B. Current effects on higher harmonic waves
Paulsen, B.T., Bredmose, H. & Bingham, H.B. Focused wave impact on a vertical cylinder: Experiment, numerical reproduction and a note on higher harmonicss
Pinkster, J.A. & Bhawsinka, K. A real-time simulation technique for ship-ship and ship-port interactions
Piro, D.J. & Maki, K.J. Whipping response of a box barge in oblique seas
Porter, R. & Evans, D.V. A novel connection between the Ursell and Dean vertical barrier potentials
Rafiee, A. & Dias, F. Twodimensional and threedimensional simulation of wave interaction with an oscillating wave surge converter
Rainey, R.C.T. & Chaplin, J.R. Demonstrating the feasibility of a distensible-tube WEC with a distributed power take-off
Renzi, E. & Dias, F. Wave-power extraction from a finite array of oscillating wave surge converters
Rosemurgy, W.J., Maki, K.J. & Beck, R.F. The application of velocity decomposition to airfoil problems
Saha, S. & Bora, S.N. Trapped modes in an ice-covered two-layer fluid of finite depth
Scolan, Y.-M. & Korobkin, A.A. Hydrodynamic impact of three-dimensional bodies on waves
Semenov, Y.A., Wu, G.X. & Oliver, J.M. Collision of two liquid wedges
Song, K.-H., Kim, Y. & Park, D.-M. Simplified formulation for parametric roll in regular and irregular waves
Sturova, I.V. Wave forces on oscillating horizontal cylinder submerged under non-homogeneous surface
Van den Bremer, T.S. & Taylor, P.H. Stokes drift and net transport for two-dimensional wave groups in deep water
Viroulet, S., Kimmoun, O. & Kharif, C. Evolution of water waves generated by sub-aerial deformable landslide
Wolgamot, H., Eatock Taylor, R. & Taylor, P.H. Radiation and trapping behaviour of arrays of truncated cylinders
Yang, Z.W., Bingham, H.B. & Liu, S.X. Wave simulation in a 3D coupled numerical and physical wave basin
Yeung, R.W. & Nokob, M.H. Hyper-singular integral-equation for a finite-draft surface-piercing cylindrical shell at high and low-frequency
Zhao, B.B. & Duan, W.Y. GN equations to describe internal solitary waves in two-layer fluid
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