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22-25 April 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Host: Harry Bingham
Ahn Y., Kim S. -Y., Kim K. -H., Kim Y., Park J. -J. Study on the effect of density ratio of liquid and gas in sloshing experiment
Bardazzi A., Lugni C., Faltinsen O. M., Graziani G., Greco M., Colicchio G. Wave-impact in a sloshing tank: hydroelastic challenges
Bennetts L. G., Peter M. A. Approximations of wave propagation in one-dimensional multiple scattering problems with random characteristics
Chakraborty R., Mandal B. N. Scattering of water waves by a submerged thin elastic vertical plate
Chaplin J. R., Rainey R. C. T. Long duration experiments in irregular waves, to determine 10,000-year wave loads on a 3.5m diameter vertical cylinder
Charlot L., Hay A., Etienne S., Pelletier D. Simulation of free-surface viscous flows by a finite-element front-tracking approach
Chatjigeorgiou I. K., Molin B. Wave run-up on a vertical plate in an infinite wave field
Choi Y. M., Kwon S. H., Park J. H., Lee S. B. On Application of Multi-pole Expansions to Roll Damping of a Rectangular Box
Cochet C., Yeung R. W. Two-component axisymmetric wave-energy absorber -- analysis of dynamics and geometric proportions
Crowley S., Porter R., Evans D. V. The new Bristol cylinder: a submerged cylinder wave energy converter
Dessi D. Load field estimation based on principal component analysis
Duan W. Y. Taylor Expansion Boundary Element Method for floating body hydrodynamics
Dupont G., Kimmoun O., Molin B. Experimental and numerical analysis of the wave propagation through a narrow channel in a wave flume
Fitzgerald C., Grice J., Taylor P. H., Eatock Taylor R., Zang J. Phase manipulation and the harmonic components of ringing forces on a surface-piercing column
Fredriksen A. G., Kristiansen T., Faltinsen O. M. Investigation of gap resonance in moonpools at forward speed using a non-linear domain-decomposition method
Greco M., Colicchio G., Lugni C. Assessment study of a domain-decomposition strategy for marine applications
Grue J., Laskovski D. Laboratory experiments on waves in moderate and shallow water and their kinematics
Hayatdavoodi M., Ertekin R. C. Nonlinear Forces on a submerged, horizontal plate: the G-N theory
He G., Kashiwagi M. Wave Pattern Analysis by a Higher-order Boundary Element Method
Kashiwagi M., Nishimatsu S., Sakai K. Wave-energy absorption efficiency by a rotating pendulum-type electric-power generator installed inside a floating body
Khabakhpasheva T. I., Korobkin A. A. Inclined impact of a smooth body on thin liquid layer
Kostikov V. K., Makarenko N. I., Korobkin A. A. Unsteady motion of elliptic cylinder under ice cover
Kurniawan A., Moan T. Multi-objective optimization of a wave energy absorber geometry
Kuznetsov N. G., Motygin O. V. Time-harmonic water waves trapped by surface-piercing motionless bodies floating freely
Li Y., Yu Y. -H., Epler J., Previsic M. Experimental investigation on the power generation performance of floating point absorber wave energy systems
Lindberg O., Bingham H. B., Engsig-Karup A. P., Madsen P. A. Towards real time simulation of ship-ship interaction
Lu L., Chen X. B. Dissipation in the gap resonance between two bodies
Malenica Š., De Hauteclocque G. Second order hydroelastic response of the vertical circular cylinder to monochromatic water waves
Mavrakos S. A., Chatjigeorgiou I. K. Hydrodynamic exciting forces on immersed prolate spheroids
Meylan M. H., Ralph T. The time-dependent motion of a floating cylinder
Molin B., Remy F. Experimental and numerical study of the sloshing motion in a rectangular tank with a perforated screen
Newman J. N. Scattering by a cylinder with variable bathymetry
Noblesse F., Huang F., Yang C, The Neumann-Michell theory of ship waves
Paulsen B. T., Bredmose H., Bingham H. B. Accurate computation of wave loads on a bottom fixed circular cylinder
Piro D. J., Maki K. J. Water exit of a wedge-shaped body
Ransley E., Greaves D. Investigating interaction effects in an array of multi-mode wave energy converters
Read R. W., Bingham H. B. Solving the linear radiation problem using a volume method on an overset grid
Reinhard M., Korobkin A. A., Cooker M. J. The bounce of a blunt body from a water surface at high horizontal speed
Renzi E., Dias F. Resonant scattering by an array of thin plates for wave energy extraction
Scolan Y. -M., Korobkin A. A. Hydrodynamic impact (Wagner) problem and Galin’s theorem
Semenov Y. A., Wu G.X., Yoon B. S. A surface-piercing body moving along the free surface
Shao Y. -L., Faltinsen O. M. Solutions of nonlinear free surface-body interaction with a harmonic polynomial cell method
Sportelli M., Huijsmans R. H. M. Added resistance in short waves: a ray theory approach
Sturova I. V. Generation of unsteady waves by three-dimensional source in deep water with an elastic cover
Subramanian, R. , Beck R. F. Development of a time domain strip theory approach for maneuvering in a seaway
Tassin A., Korobkin A. A., Cooker M. J. Modelling of the oblique impact of an elongated body by a 2D+t approach
Ten I., Chen X. B. Effective treatment of Fourier integrals associated with a hemi-sphere advancing in waves
Teng B., Cong P. W. Simulation of nonlinear wave elevation around a square array of truncated cylinders
Tyvand P. A., Miloh T. Incompressible impulsive sloshing
Viroulet S., Cébron D., Kimmoun O., Kharif C. Evolution of water waves generated by subaerial solid landslide
Wade S., Binder B., Denier J., Mattner T. Computations of symmetric gravity waves past a pressure disturbance in a channel
Williams T. D., Bennetts L. G., Squire V. A. A waves-in-ice model with a floe-breaking parameterisation
Zhao B. B., Duan W. Y. Application of the high level GN theory to shallow-water wave problems
Zurkinden A. S., Kramer M. M. Numerical time integration methods for a point absorber wave energy converter
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