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9-12 May 2010
Harbin, China
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Hosts: Professor W.Y. Duan
Avital, E.J. & Miloh, T. Sound Scattering and Noise Control by Free Surface Piercing Cylinders
Bao, W.G. & Kinoshita, T. Elastic Deformations of A Porous Circular Cylinder Fixed In Waves
Bellew, S. & Stallard, T. Linear Modelling of Wave Device Arrays And Comparison To Experimental and Second Order Models
Bingham, H.B., Ducrozet, G. & Engsig-Karup, A.P. Multi-block, boundary-fitted solutions for 3D nonlinear wave-structure interaction
Brocklehurst, P., Korobkin, A.A. & Parau, E. Interaction of hydro-elastic waves with a vertical wall
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K. & Mavrakos, S.A. The two dimensional Green's function in elliptic coordinates
Chau, F.P. & Yeung, R.W. Inertia and damping of heaving compound cylinders
Chen, X.B. & Dias, F. Visco-potential flow and time-harmonic ship waves
Colicchio, G., Greco, M., Lugni, C. & Faltinsen, O.M. A 3D Navier-Stokes solver to investigate Water-On-Deck events within a Domain-Decomposition strategy
Dai, Y.Z. A New Algorithm for the Time-domain Green Function
Faltinsen, O.M. & Timokha, A. Multimodal method for 2D sloshing in a circular tank
Gong, K., Wang, B.L. & Liu, H. Numerical simulation of wedge water entry based on two-dimensional two phase SPH model
Grice, J.R., Taylor, P.H., Borthwick, A.G.L. & Eatock Taylor, R. The Effect of Column Shape On Linear Diffraction Effects
Grue, J., Rashid, F. & Vartdal, M. Viscous calculations of hydrodynamic forces on marine bodies
Hashimoto, H. & Sueyoshi, M. Numerical Simulation Method for a Coupling Motion of Ship and Tank Fluid
Hermans, A.J. Demonstration of second order wave-drift effects
Hu, C.H. 3-D Numerical Wave Tank by CIP based Cartesian Grid Method
Iafrati, A. & Broglia, R. Comparisons Between 2D+t Potential Flow Models and 3D Rans for Planing Hull Hydrodynamics
Kashiwagi, M. Prediction of Added Resistance by Means of Unsteady Wave-Pattern Analysis
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Korobkin, A.A. Wave Power Absorbers at Floating Platform
Kim, K.H., Joncquez, S., Kim, Y.H. & Bingham, H.B. Numerical Analysis on Added Resistance of Ships in Time-domain
Kim, Y.H., Kang, B.C. & Kim, Y. Numerical Analysis and Validation on Ship Springing
Korobkin, A.A. Sudden Rotation of Floating Plate With Separation
Lindberg, O., Bingham, H.B. & Engsig-Karup, A. Meshfree simulation of free surface flow and fluid-structure interaction
Liu, Y.N., Molin, B. & Kimmoun, O. Wave drift forces on a rectangular barge in varying bathymetry
Lu, D.Q. Analytical solution for the capillary-gravity waves due to an oscillating Stokeslet
Lu, L., Cheng, L., Teng, B. & Sun, L. Comparison of Potential Flow and Viscous Fluid Models in Gap Resonance
Makasyeyev, M.V. Application of Generaized Functions in Planing Theory
Malenica, S., Sireta, F.X., Bigot, F., Derbanne, Q. & Chen, X.B. An efficient hydro structure interface for mixed panel-stick hydrodynamic model
Meylan, M.H. & Fitzgerald, C. Generalized Eigenfunction Method for Floating Bodies
Motygin, O.V. & McIver, P. Non-uniqueness in the plane problem of steady forward motion of bodies
Oh, S.H., Kwon, S.H., Kwak, D.W. & Choi, Y.M. An Attempt to Demystify Flat Impact
Porter, R. & Griffiths, L.S. Wave focusing over submerged elliptical topography
Qin, H.D., & Shen, J. Green function with dissipation and side wall effect in wave tanks
Qiu, W., Yang, Q.Y. & Peng, H. Slamming Force on A Planing Hull: Comparison between 3D and 2D Solutions
Robin, P., Kimmoun, O. & Kharif, C. Influence of wind on focusing waves packet using a Boussinesq-type model
Rousset, J.M., Ferrant, P. & Alessandrini, B. Experiments on a segmented ship model in directional irregular waves
Scolan, Y.M. Some numerical aspects of nonlinear free surface motions by a Method of Fundamental Solutions
Shao, Y.L. & Faltinsen, O.M. Numerical Study on the Second-Order Radiation/Diffraction of Floating Bodies with/without Forward Speed
Sturova, I.V. Radiation Loads Acting On a Horizontal Cylinder Oscillating in Stratified Fluid With An Ice-Cover
Tao, A.F., & Liu, Y.M. Rogue Waves Due To Nonlinear Broadband Wave Interactions
Tassin, A., Jacques, N., Neme, A. & Leble, B An Efficient Numberical Method For The Threedimensional Wagner Problem
Ten, I., & Chen, X.B. A coupled Rankine - Green function method applied to the forward-speed seakeeping problem
Teng, B., Chen, L.F., Ning, D.Z. & Bai, W. Study on the higher harmonic waves over a submerged bar
Trinh, P.H., Chapman, S.J. & Vanden-Broeck, J.M. The existence and non-existence of waveless ships
Wang, Z.B., Wu, C.S., & Fan, J.Z. Numerical Simulation of SUBOFF Navigation near Surface
Xie, Z.H. Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Overturning Waves
Xu, G.D., Duan, W.Y., & Wu, G.X. Wedge impact on liquid surface through free fall motion in three degrees of freedom
Yan, S., Ma, Q.W. & Adcock, T.A.A. Investigations of Freak Waves on Uniform Current
Yoon, B.S., & Semenov, Y.A. Separated Sheet Flows
Zadeh, R.N. & Bingham, H.B. Hybrid finite difference/BEM solutions of the elliptic mild slope equations
Zang, J., Taylor, P.H. & Tello, M. Steep Wave and Breaking Wave Impact On Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations -- Ringing Revisited
Zhang, H.Q. & Li, J.C. Long Internal solitary waves induced currents in the ocean
Zhao, B.B., Duan, W.Y. & Webster, W.C. A Note on Three-Dimensional Green-Naghdi Theory
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