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19-22 April 2009
Zelenogorsk, Russia
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Host: A.A. Korobkin (University of East Anglia)
Abrahamsen, B.C., Faltinsen, O.M. Decay of air cavity slamming pressure oscillations during sloshing at high fillings
Afanasiev, K., Rein, T. Numerical simulation of the dam break problem by general natural element method
Alam, M.-R., Mei, C.C. Ships advancing near the critical speed in a shallow channel with a randomly uneven bed
Andronov A.N. On the stability of bifurcating solutions in some problems about capillary-gravity waves
Aubault, A., Yeung, R.W. Multi-hull interference wave-resistance in finite-depth waters
Avni, R., Toledo, Y., Agnon, Y. Linear and nonlinear complementary mild slope equations
Bennetts, L.G., Williams, T.D., Squire, V.A. An approximation to wave scattering by an ice polynya
Bonnefoy, F., Meylan, M., Ferrant, P. Non-linear higher order spectral solution of a moving load on a floating ice sheet
Bulatov, V.V., Vladimirov, Yu.V. Non-harmonic internal gravity wave packets in stratified media
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K., Mavrakos, S.A. Hydrodynamic diffraction by multiple elliptical cylinders
Checherin, I., Pustoshny, A. On the estimation of wash effect of ship waves system
Chen, X.B., Lu, D.Q. Time-harmonic ship waves with the effect of surface tension and fluid viscosity
Colicchio, G., Greco, M., Miozzi, M., Lugni, C. Experimental and numerical investigation of the water-entry and water-exit of a circular cylinder
Delhommeau, G., Noblesse, F., Yang, C. Highly simplified Green function for steady flow about a ship
Dingemans, M.W., Klopman, G. Effects of normalisation and mild-slope approximation on wave reflection by bathymetry in a Hamiltonian wave model
Dobrokhotov, S. Complete and explicit asymptotics of solutions to the linearized shallow water equations generated by localized perturbations
Duan, W.Y., Zhang, T.Y. Non-reflecting simulation for fully-nonlinear irregular wave radiation
Eatock Taylor, R., Taylor, P.H., Drake, K.R. Tank wall reflections in transient testing
Engsig-Karup, A.P., Bingham, H.B. Boundary-fitted solutions for 3D nonlinear water wave-structure interaction
Ermanyuk, E.V., Gavrilov, N.V., Kostomakha, V.A. Impact of a circular disk with flat, concave and convex bottom on shallow water
Evans, D.V., Peter, M.A. Reflection of water waves by a submerged horizontal porous plate
Faltinsen, O.M., Timokha, A. Analytically-based solutions for linear sloshing
Farley, F.J.M., Chaplin, J.R., Hearn, G.E., Rainey, R.C.T. Persistent modes for water waves and a bulge tube in a narrow channel
Ferreira, M.D., Newman, J.N. Diffraction effects and ship motions on an artificial seabed
Greco, M., Bouscasse, B., Colicchio, G., Lugni, C. Weakly-nonlinear seakeeping model: regular/irregular wave interaction with a ship without/with forward speed
Grue, J. Modifications to the interfacial wave field moving over variable bottom topography in three dimensions
Hara, T., Kukulka, T. Wave spectrum and breaking wave statistics of growing and mature seas
Halbout, S., Malleron, N., Remy, F., Scolan, Y.-M. Impact of inflated structures on a liquid free surface
Iafrati, A. Air entrainment and degassing process in breaking waves
Joncquez, S.A.G., Bingham, H.B., Andersen, P. A comparison of methods for computing the added resistance of ships using a high-order BEM
Khabakhpasheva, T.I.,  Korobkin, A.A. Compressible jet impact onto corrugated plate
Kim, Y., Kim, K.H., Kim, Y.H. Linear and nonlinear springing analyses in time domain using a fully coupled BEM-FEM
Kimmoun, O., Scolan, Y.-M. Generation of focalized wave packet
Kulczycki, T., Kuznetsov, N. `High spotsí of the free surface for the fundamental sloshing mode
Lin, F., Ge, C., Li, E. Computation of sloshing loads by velocity potential analysis and CFD modeling
Malenica, S., Molin, B., Tuitman, J.T., Bigot, F., Senjanovic, I. Some aspects of hydrostatic restoring for elastic bodies
Meylan, M.H., Tomic, M. Resonances and the approximation of wave forcing for elastic floating bodies
Molin, B., Lecuyer, B., Remy, F. Hydrodynamic modeling of partial dikes
Motygin, O.V., McIver, P. Trapping of gravity-capillary water waves by submerged obstacles
Noblesse, F., Delhommeau, G., Yang, C. Bow waves of a family of fine ruled ship hulls with rake and flare
Oh, S.H., Kwon, S.H., Chung, J.Y. A close look at air pocket evolution in flat impact
Peter, M.A., Meylan, M.H. Water-wave scattering by vast fields of bodies such as ice floes in the Marginal Ice Zone
Porter, R., Evans, D.V. Estimation of wall effects on floating cylinders
Sturova, I.V. Nonlinear hydroelasticity of a plate floating on shallow water of variable depth
Ten, I., Korobkin, A. Interaction of elastic structure with non-uniformly aerated fluid
Teng, B., Gou, Y. A time-domain model of internal wave diffraction from a 3D body in a two-layer fluid
Voisin, B. Added mass for wave motion in density-stratified fluids
Westphalen, J., Greaves, D., Williams, C., Drake, K., Taylor, P. Numerical simulation of an oscillating cone at the water surface using computational fluid dynamics
Xu, G.D., Duan, W.Y., Wu, G.X. Time domain simulation of water entry of twin wedges through free fall motion
Yoon, B.S., Semenov, Y.A. Flow separation at the initial stage of the oblique water entry of a wedge
Zhao, B.B., Duan, W.Y., Chen, X.B., Webster, W.C. Tsunamis simulations by using Green-Naghdi theory
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