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12-15 April 2015
Bristol, UK
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Hosts: Richard Porter (University of Bristol) and Jun Zang (University of Bath)
Afshar, M.A., Bingham, H.B. & Read, R. A high-order finite-difference linear seakeeping solver tool for calculation of added resistance in waves
Bai, W., Feng, X., Chen, X. & Ang, K.K. On the modeling of nonlinear wave-wave and wave-body interactions in a realistic sea state
Biggs, N.R.T. An extended multi-modal expansion for propagation of waves in a channel of non-uniform width
Bingham, H.B. & Read, R. Linearized potential flow analysis of a 40 chamber, oscillating water column wave energy device
Bobinski, T. Eddi, A., Maurel, A., Pagneux, V. & Petitjeans, P. Experimental demonstration of Epsilon-Near-Zero water waves focusing
Borri, D., Lugni, C., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Experimental study of water-oil-boom interaction and failure events
Buldakov, E., Stagonas, D. & Simons, R. Lagrangian numerical wave-current flume
Chaplin, J., Farley, F., Kurniawan, A., Greaves, D. & Hann, M. Forced heaving motion of a floating air-filled bag
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K., Korobkin, A.A. & Cooker, M.J. Two-dimensional breaking wave impact on a vertical wall
Chen, J. & Duan, W. Added Resistance Simulation of Blunt Ship in Short Waves
Chen, Q., Zang, J., Kelly, D.M., Williams, C.J.K. & Dimakopoulos, A. Particle-In-Cell Numerical Solver for Free Surface Flows with Fluid-Solid Interactions
Clamond, D. & Rajchenbach, J. Dispersion relation and instability onset of Faraday waves
De Vita, F., Verzicco, R. & Iafrati, A. Energy dissipation and spectrum evolution during the breaking of modulated wave trains
Disibuyuk, N.B. & Korobkin, A.A. Wave Forces On A Vertical Cylinder With Non-Circular Cross Section
Ellingsen, S.A. & Li, Y. Ship waves at finite depth in the presence of uniform vorticity
Evans, D.V. & Porter, R. Total transmission through narrow gaps in channels
Gao F., Zang, J. & Blenkinsopp, C. Numerical Simulation of Breaking Wave Impact on a Vertical Wall
Goteman, M., Engstrom, J., Eriksson, M. & Isberg, J. Interaction distance for scattered and radiated waves in large wave energy parks
Gouin, M., Ducrozet, G. & Ferrant, P. Validation of a nonlinear spectral model for water waves over a variable bathymetry
Grue, J. Strongly nonlinear evaluation of internal ship wakes
Han, S.Y., Malenica, S., Kim, B.J., Kim, Y.J. & Kwon, S.H. Second-order hydroelastic behavior of a flexible circular plate in monochromatic waves
Helmers, J.B. & Sun, H. Towards Efficient Generalized Wagner Solvers for Slamming in Oblique Seas
Hermans, A.J. The interaction of a waves with a Submerged Very Large Elastic Plate
Jiang, Y. & Yeung, R.W. Performance of "Salter's Cam" in 3-DOF Motion and in a Viscous Fluid
Karimi, M.R., Brosset, L., Ghidaglia, J.-M. & Kaminski, M.L. Singularization of Sloshing Impacts
Kashiwagi, M., Iida, T. & Miki, M. Wave Drift Force on Floating Bodies of Cloaking Configuration and Associated Wave Patterns
Khabakhpasheva, T.I., Korobkin, A.A. & Maki, K.J. A linearized exit model for prediction of forces on a body within the 2D+T framework
Kimmoun, O., Chabchoub, A., Branger, H., Hsu, H.C., Chen, Y.Y., Kharif, C. & Li, M.S. Experimental description of long time evolution of Akhmediev breathers
Kostikov, V.K. & Makarenko, N.I. Non-linear problem on unsteady free surface flow forced by submerged cylinder
Kuznetsov, N. When no axisymmetric modes are trapped by a freely floating moonpool
Lee, J.-H., Kim, Y. & Song, K.-H. Study on a Semi-Analytic Approach for Analysis of Parametric Roll in Regular and Irregular Head Seas
Lind, R.J. & Stansby, P.K. Forces on vertical cylinders due to steep asymmetric and breaking waves based on the Froude Krylov approximation x2
Lu, D.Q. Hydroelastic response of a floating thin plate due to a surface-piercing load
Maklakov, D.V. & Petrov, A.G. On Stokes' Coefficients and the Wave Resistance of a Towed Body
Mandal, S., Sahoo, T. & Chakrabarti, A. A note on convergence of expansion formulae for wave-structure interaction problems
Martin, P.A. Scattering by rings of vertical cylinders
McIver, M. & McIver, P. The Sign of the Added Mass Coefficients for 2-D Structures
Molin, B., Remy, F., Bonnici, J. & Lacaze, J.-B. Numerical and experimental modelling of cylindrical tuned liquid dampers
Newman, J.N. Amplification of waves by submerged plates
Ni, B. Bursting of a high pressure bubble through a free surface
Noad, I.F. & Porter, R. A fully submerged flap-type wave energy converter
Ouled Housseine, C., Monroy, C. & Bigot, F. A new linearization method for vectorial Morison equation
Peng, H., Ashim Ali, Md. & Qiu, W. Hydrodynamic Interaction of Two Bodies in Waves
Pinkster, J. & van der Hout, A. Long-period waves and current variations in a port due to a passing vessel
Renzi, E., Cecioni, C., Bellotti, G., Sammarco, P. & Dias, F. Extended Mild-Slope Equations for Compressible Fluids
Rupprecht, S., Peter, M.A., Bennetts, L.G. & Chung, H. Localisation in water wave and thin plate problems
Santo, H., Taylor, P.H. & Day, A.H. Inertia forces on conductor arrays in a jacket model in regular waves
Scolan, Y.-M. Some aspects of the eigenfrequency computation in a two-dimensional tank filled with two non miscible fluids
Semenov, Y.A. & Wu, G.X. Hydrodynamic impact on an erodible body
Sheng, W., Alcorn, R. & Lewis, A. Optimising power take-offs for maximizing wave energy conversions
Skene, D., Bennetts, L., Meylan, M.H., Toffoli, A. & Monty, J. Modelling Water Wave Overwash of a Sea Ice Floe
Sturova, I.V. & Tkacheva, L.A. Wave Radiation by a Cylinder Submerged in Water with an Ice Floe or a Polynya
Teng, B. & Jin, R. A Time-Domain Twice Expansion Method for Wave Interaction with a Body of Large Amplitude Motion
Wolgamot H., Taylor, P.H., Eatock Taylor, R., Fitzgerald, C.J., van den Bremer, T., Whittaker, C. & Raby, A. Experimental observation of near-motion-trapped mode
Woolliscroft, M.O. & Maki, K.J. A linearized free-surface RANS method for unsteady ship maneuvering problems
Xu, G.D. & Wu, G.X. Oblique water entry of a wedge with vortex shedding
Yates, M.L., Benoit, M. & Raoult, C. Fully nonlinear and dispersive of nearshore wave modeling: accuracy and efficiency of two methods of solving the potential flow problem
Yoon, J.-S. & Lee. P.-S. Hydro-elastoplastic analysis of floating plates in waves
Yuan, Z.-M, Incecik, A., Day, A. & Jia, L. Double Doppler shift theory on water waves generated by a translating and oscillating source
Zekri, H.J., Korobkin, A.A. & Cooker, M.J. Liquid sloshing and impact in a closed container with high filling
Zhang, X. & Beck, R.F. Fully Nonlinear Computations of Wave Radiation Forces and Hydrodynamic Coefficients for a Ship with a Forward Speed
Zhang, W. & Zou, Z. A numerical study on prediction of ship maneuvering in waves
Zhao, B.B., Duan, W.Y., Ertekin, R.C., Demirbilek, Z. & Webster, W.C. A comparative study of the GN-3 and Boussinesq equations for nonlinear wave propagation
Zhu, Y., He, J., Zhang, C., Wei, L., Wan, D. & Noblesse, F. Wave-interference and wave-breaking effects on the Kelvin wakes of high-speed monohull ships and catamarans
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