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14-17 April 2002
Cambridge, UK
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Host: R.C.T. Rainey (WS Atkins)
Andrianov, A.I. & Hermans, A.J. A VLFP on Infinite, Finite and Shallow Water
Andrillon, Y. & Alessandrini, B. A fully-coupled VOF method for free surface simulation
Ballast, A., Eggermont, M., Zandbergen, P.J. & Huijsmans, R.H.M. Free surface elevation near round and square cylinders in moderate non-linear deep water waves
Bredmose, H., Brocchini, M., Peregrine, D.H. & Thais, L. Violent Sloshing
Buldakov, E.V., Taylor, P.H. &. Eatock Taylor, R. Second-order diffraction of a unidirectional wave group
Campana, E.F. & Iafrati, A. Surface tension effects of breaking waves
Chen, X-B. Role of surface tension in modelling ship waves
Clamond, D. & Grue, J. Some Dynamical Aspects of freak waves
Doctors, L.J. & Day, A.H. Nonlinear effects on the squat of a vessel with a transom stern
Duan, Y. & McIver, M. Embedded trapped modes near an indentation in an open channel
Ermanyuk, E.V. Force on a body in a uniformly stratified fluid: Affine Similitude
Greco, M., Faltinsen, O.M. & Landrini, M. Numerical Simulation of Heavy Water Shipping
Grue, J. & Huseby, M. On higher harmonic wave loads on vertical cylinders and ringing of offshore structures
Hu, Z.Z., Wu, G.X. & Hu, P.X. Tri-tree based FEM Analysis of Wave Interactions with 3D Cylindrical Structures
Iafrati, A. & Korobkin, A.A. Hydrodynamic loads at the early stage of a floating wedge impact
Josset, C., Duclos, G. & Clement, A.H. Semi-nonlinear numerical 3D time-domain simulation of a OWC wave power plant
Kagemoto, H. & Murai, M Drift force on an array of vertical cylinders
Kanoria, M & Mandal, B.N. Interface Wave Scattering by Elliptic Arc
Kashiwagi, M. & Ohwatari, Y First- and second-order water waves around an array of floating vertical cylinders
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Korobkin, A.A. Exact Solutions of floating elastic plate problem
Kim, Y., Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. Motion Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Bodies Falling Through Water
King, A.C., Cooper, R.J. & Needham, D.J. Free surface deformation due to an impulsively moved plate
Korobkin, A.A. & Scolan, Y-M. Asymptotic Analysis of Three-Dimensional Water Impact
Kuznetsov, N. Uniqueness in linearized problems of a floating body supported by an air cushion
Landrini, M., Calagrossi, A. & Tulin, M.P. A Novel SPH formulation for 2-phase flows
Le Touze, D., Bonnefoy, F. & Ferrant, P Second order pseudo-spectral simulation of directional wave generation and propagation in a 3D tank
Liapidevskii, V.Y. Mixing Layer at free surface
Linton, C.M. Embedding formulas for scattering by an arbitrary configuration of parallel breakwaters
Liu, P. L-F. & Wu, T-R. Waves generated by moving pressure disturbances in rectangular and trapezoidal channels
Malenica, S. & Mravak, Z. Second order internal loads on floating bodies
McIver, P., McIver, M. & Zhang, J. Excitation of trapped modes by the forced motion of Structures
Meylan, M.H. & Hazard, C. Spectral Theory for a Floating Massless Thin Plate on Water of Arbitrary Depth
Miloh, T., Tyvand, P.A. & Zilman, G. Impulsive 3-D Green Function for a sloping beach
Molin, B. & Chen, X-B. Approximations of low-frequency second-order wave loads: Newman versus Rainey
Motygin, O.V. & Kuznetsov, N.G. Sloshing problem in a half-plane covered by a dock with two equal gaps
Mouaze, D., Ourmieres, Y. & Chaplin, J.R. Steady and unsteady flow in wave-induced boundary layers
Ohkusu, M. Steady Flow Near the Bow of a Flat Ship
Porter, A. & Peregrine, D.H. The effect of entrained air on pressure pulses in a thin crack
Porter, R. Sloshing modes in a cylindrical tank containing multiple cylinders
Rainey, R.C.T. Escape of particle trajectories in linear irregular waves: A new explanation for wave breaking and model of breaking waves
Seah, R.K.M., Celano, T. & Yeung, R.W. The Roll Decay of floating cylinders with bilge keels
Shipway, B.J. & Evans, D.V. Wave trapping by axisymmetric concentric cylinders
Sturova, I.V. & Motygin, O.V. Radiation problem for an interface-piercing cylinder in a two-layer fluid
Takagi, K. Influence of trapped air on the water impact acting on a mass and spring system
Tkacheva, L.A. Diffraction of surface waves at floating elastic plate
Tuck, E.O. & Newman, J.N. Longitudinal Waves in Slender Moonpools
Tulin, M.P. & Li, J.J. Dual evaluation equations for a wind driven, breaking ocean wave as derived from variational considerations
Ursell, F. Stern waves in a channel. The form of the wave modes
Vanden-Broeck, J-M. & Dias, F. Two-layer flows generated by moving obstacles
Xia, J. Some insight into the Green function of the channel problem
Yang, Q., Faltinsen, O.M. & Zhao, R. Flow past a ship in restricted water
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