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11-14 April 1999
Port Huron, MI, USA
Hosts: R. Beck and W.W. Schultz (University of Michigan)
Ando, S. Some aspects of hull-girder responses of ships in severe waves
Aranha, J.A.P., da Silva, S., Martins, M.R. and Leite, A.J.P. An experimental verification of the wave drift damping formula
Bingham, H.B. A Boussinesq panel method for predicting the motion of a moored ship in restricted water
Buchmann, B. and Skourup, J. Stability of time-domain boundary element models; theory and applications
Bunnik, T.H.J. and Hermans, A.J. Comparison between three steady flow approximations in a linear time-domain model
Chaplin, J.R., Rainey, R.C.T. and Retzler, C.H. Waves generated by a vertical cylinder moving in still water
Chen, X.B. and Diebold, L. Analytical expressions of unsteady ship wave patterns
Clement, A.H. The spinning dipole: an efficient unsymmetrical numerical wavemaker
Doutreleau, Y. and Chen, X.B. Line integrals on the free surface in ship-motion problems
Grue, J. On the generation of upstream large amplitude internal waves at a bottom topography in the ocean
Indeytsev, D.A. and Osipova, E.V. Nonlinear effects in trapped modes in the case of gravitational waves in a channel with an elastic plate
Ionina, M.F. and Korobkin, A.A. Water impact on cylindrical shells
Iwashita, H. Diffraction waves of a blunt ship with forward speed taking account of the steady nonlinear wave fields
Jiang, T. and Henn, R. Numerical investigation of shallow-water wave equations
Judge, C., Xu, L. and Troesch,, A. Water impact model with horizontal velocity
Kagemoto, H., Mural, M. and Saito, M. Experimental investigation on the wave decay characteristics along a long array of cylindrical legs
Kanoria, M. and Mandal, B.N. Second-order wave diffraction by thin vertical barrier in deep water
Kashiwagi, M. A hierarchical interaction theory for wave forces on a great number of buoyancy bodies
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. and Korobkin, A.A. Energy conservation law in the problem of elastic plate impact onto liquid free surface
Kim, B-K. and Nam, J-H. A B-spline panel method using NURBS surfaces
Kim, Y. and Sclavounos, P.D. Numerical simulation of the linear and second-order surface flows around circular cylinders in random waves
Korsmeyer, T. FFT acceleration of the rectangular dock problem
Landrini, M., Lugni, C. and Bertram, V. Unsteady nonlinear free surface
Lloyd, P.M. and Stansby, P.K. Slam forces and pressures on a flat plate due to impact on a wave crest
McIver, M. Uniqueness and trapped modes for a symmetric structure
McIver, P. Water-wave propagation through an infinite array of cylindrical structures
Molin, B. On the piston mode in moonpools
Mori, K-H., Kitajima, K., Doi, Y. and Nagaya, S. Downward lifting force of submerged body with minimum drag
Newman, J.N. and Lee, C-H. Heave response of a semi-submersible near resonance
Nguyen, T. Radiation-diffraction problem with forward speed in a two-layer fluid
Ohkusu, M. Hydroelastic interaction of a large floating platform with head seas
Peregrine, D.H., Wood, D.J., Walkden, M. and Bruce, T. Pressure near wave impacts and the role of trapped air
Porter, R. and Evans, D.V. Rayleigh-Bloch surface waves in the presence of infinite periodic rows of cylinders and their connection with trapped modes in channels
Rognebakke, O.F. and Faltinsen, O.M. A second order initial value solution of two-dimensional sloshing in rectangular tanks
Scragg, C.A. On the use of free surface distributions of Havelock singularities
Takagi, K. Hydroelastic behavior of a very large floating structure in waves
Tyvand, P.A. and Storhaug, A.R.F. Impulsive tsunami Green functions for two-dimensional basins
Ursell, F. The oscillating submerged sphere between parallel walls: the convergence of the multipole expansion
Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. Nonlinear gravity capillary waves generated by a moving disturbance
Wan, D.C. and Wu, G.X. The numerical simulation of the green water effect
Wyatt, D.C. A nonlinear wave prediction methodology for surface vessels
Yang, C., Noblesse, F. and Lohner, R. Application of the Fourier-Kochin theory to the farfield extension of nonlinear nearfield steady ship waves
Yeung, R.W., Liao, S.-W. and Roddier, D. Interaction of regular and extreme waves with submerged cylinders
Zalar, M. and Malenica, S. Uniform solution for water wave diffraction-radiation at small forward speed in water of finite depth
Zhao, C. and Zou, Z. A 3D potential flow computing method based on NURBS
Zhao, R. and Faltinsen, O.M. A nonlinear method for predicting wave resistance of ships
Zilman, G. and Miloh, T. Hydroelasticity of a buoyant circular plate in shallow water: a closed form solution
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