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17-20 March 1996
Hamburg, Germany
Host: V. Bertram (Institut fur Schiffbau)
Berkvens, P.J.F. and Zandbergen, P.J. Computational method for reaction forces on a heaving sphere
Bingham, H. B. and Maniar, H. D. Computing the double-body m-terms using a B-spline based panel method
Bratland, A. K., Faltinsen, 0. M. and Zhao, R. Three-dimensional harmonically oscillating Green function with small forward speed in finite water depth
Buchmann, B. A 2-D Numerical wave flume based on a third order boundary element model
Chen, X. B. and Malenica, S. Uniformly valid solution of the wave-current-body interaction problem
Clement, A. and Muselet, C. A differential method for the modelling of wave transmission, reflection and absorbtion by "numerical beaches"
Dias, F. and Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. Free surface flows with several stagnation points
Ferrant, P. Computation of higher order diffraction effects using a fully nonlinear simulation method
Francescutto, A., Contento, G. and Armendio, V. A fully hydrodynamic approach in the motion in waves of ships with free surface liquids on board
Greaves, D. M., Ma, Q. W., Borthwick, A. G. L. and Wu, G. X. Octree-based finite element analysis for three-dimensional steep waves
Grue, J. A note on the yaw-moment acting on bodies advancing in waves
Huang, J. B. and Eatock Taylor, R. Second-order interaction between waves and multiple bottom-mounted vertical circular cylinders
Huang, Z. J., Sun, Y. F. and Hsiung, C. C. Nonlinear water waves in a 2-D damaged compartment
Hughes, M. 3-d Rankine panel computations for a ship in head waves
Janson, C.-E. Numerical computations of the flow around surface-piercing wings and hydrofoils close to a free-surface
Jiang, T. Simulation of shallow water waves generated by ships using Boussinesq equations solved by a flux-difference-splitting method
de Jouette, C., Le Gouez, J. M. Put, 0. and Rigaud, S. Volume of Fluid Method (VOF) applied to non-linear wave problems on body-fitted grids
Kang, K.-J. Numerical simulation of nonlinear waves about a submerged hydrofoil
Kashiwagi, M. A precise calculation method for hydroelastic behaviors of very large floating structures
Kim, J.-W. and Webster, W. C. A numerical computation of gravity-capillary waves in deep water
Korobkin, A. Entry problem for body with attached cavity
Korsmeyer, T., Phillips, J. and White, J. A precorrected-FFT algorithm for accelerating surface wave problems
Lee, C.-H. and Nielsen, F. G. Analysis of oscillating-water-column device using a panel method
Lin, W.-M., Zhang, S. and Yue, D. K. P. Linear and nonlinear analysis of motions and loads of a ship with forward speed in large-amplitude waves
Lin, X. and Takaki, M. A study on a higher-order Rankine panel method for nonlinear steady wave making problems
Maniar, H. D. and Newman, J. N. Wave diffraction by a long array of circular cylinders
Molin, B., Cointe, R., and Fontaine, E. On energy arguments applied to the slamming force
Motygin, 0. and Kuznetsov, N. On the wave resistance of a 2D body in a two-layer fluid
Muzaferija, S., Peric, M. and Yoo, S.-D. Computation of free-surface flows using moving grids
Nakatake, K. and. Ando, J Rankine source method using rectangular panels on water surface
Ohkusu, M. and Nanba, M. Hydroelastic behavior of a very large floating platform in waves
Papanikolaou, A. D., Kaklis, P. D. and Spanos, D. A. On the wave resistance of twin-hull floating bodies with non-symmetric demi-hulls
Rathje, H. and Schellin, T. E. Dependence of SWATH ship response in waves on choice of viscous coefficients
Schultz, W. W., Jiang, L. and Perlin, M. Steep Faraday waves
Sierevogel, L. M. and Hermans, A. J. Time-domain calculations on a sailing vessel in waves, study on increasing speed
Skourup, J. and Bingham, H. B. Active absorption of radiated waves in a 3D boundary element model
Sturova, I. V. A vertical motion of a body of revolution in a stratified fluid
Sutulo, S. V. Lifting flow about a smooth contour moving beneath the free surface
Takagi, K. Interaction between solitary wave and a floating elastic plate
Tanizawa, K. A nonlinear simulation method of 3-D body motions in waves -- Extended formulation for multiple fluid domains
Teng, B. and Kato, S. An effective method for second order potential -- Towards the calculation of third order forces
Ursell, F. Some mathematical difficulties connected with asymptotic expansions
Wu, G. X. and Eatock Taylor, R. Transient motion of a floating body in steep water waves
Yasukawa, H. Wave resistance minimization of a simple form ship with protruded bow by Rankine source method
Zhevandrov, P. N. Edge waves in a two-layer fluid
Zhu, T., Kagemoto, H. and Fujino, M. An approximation technique for the hydrodynamic analyses of a huge floating structure
Zhu, X. and Maniar, H. D. 3rd order wave loads using a higher order panel method
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