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7-10 May 1989
Oystese, Norway
Hosts: E.Palm (University of Oslo) and E.Mehlum (NORWAVE)
Akylas, T. R. and Mathew, J. Excitation of upstream nonlinear wave disturbances by a ship moving in a shallow channel with sloping side walls.
Ando, S. Forward-speed effect in head-wave diffraction over the forebody of a slender hull.
Bertram, V. Nonlinear steady ship wave problem for a SWATH ship.
Bridges, T. J. and Dias. F. Group-theoretic considerations lead to new solutions of the water wave problem.
Callan, M. A. Trapping modes above bodies in finite depth.
Cao, Y., Schultz, W. W. and Beck, R. F. Numerical investigation on the desingularization of boundary integral equation for three dimensional potential problems.
Chau, F. P. An expansion of the source potential and its applications.
Cointe, R. Waves traveling over a submerged cylinder: Nonlinear vs. second-order theory.
Cooker, M. J., Peregrine, D. H. and Vidal, C. Experiments and computations of solitary wave action on a submerged obstacle.
da Silva, A. F. T. and Peregrine, D. H. The nonlinear interaction between a free surface potential flow and a submerged cylinder.
Eatock Taylor, R. Is there an inconsistency in the treatment of low frequency second order forces?
Evans, D. V. The wide-spacing approximation applied to multiple scattering and sloshing problems.
Falnes, J., 01tedal, G., Budal, K. and Lillebekken, P. M. Simulation studies of a double oscillating water column.
Fernandes, A. C. Some corollaries for the study of two dimensional bodies in waves.
Greenhow, M. Hydrodynamic considerations for the design of pipe-bridges.
Grilli, S. and Svendsen, I. A. Runup and reflection of a solitary wave on steep slopes in a numerical wave tank.
Grue, J. Nonlinear waves at an underwater breakwater.
Hearn, G. and Lioo, S.. Y. Eigenfunction expansion techniques applied in open and confined waters.
Hu, C. S. and Eatock Taylor, R. A small forward speed perturbation method for wave-body problems.
Joo, S. W., Messiter, A. F. and Schultz, W. W. The effect of viscosity and surfactant on nonlinear water waves.
Kashiwagi, M. Theoretical prediction of tank-wall effects on hydrodynamic forces acting on an oscillating and translating slender ship.
Kleinman, R. Iteration for water wave integral equations.
Korsmeyer, F. T. and Tuck, E. 0. Marching toward a slender ship wave resistance theory.
Lee, C. H. Second-order wave forces on floating bodies.
Lenoir, M. and Verriere, M. Computation of transient linearized gravity waves.
Linton, C. M. and Evans, D. V. The scattering of waves by vertical cylinders.
Magee, A. R. and Beck, R. F. Vectorized computation of the time-domain Green function.
Martin, P. A. On the computation and excitation of trapping modes.
McCreight, W. R. Reflection coefficients due to open boundary conditions.
McIver, P. Low-frequency wave forces on multi-element structures.
Mehlum, E. A note on the shallow water wave theory.
Miloh, T. and Tulin, M. P. Non-linear long interfacial waves due to a disturbance moving in a thin thermocline.
Molin, B. On the added mass and damping of porous or slotted cylinders.
Nakos, D. E. Free surface panel methods for unsteady forward speed problems.
Newman, J. N. An asymptotic solution of the second-order diffraction problem.
Noblesse, F. A new expression for the steady wave spectrum of a ship.
Nossen, J., Palm, E. and Grue, J. On the solution of the radiation and diffraction problems for a floating body with a small forward speed.
Ohkusu, M. and Iwashita, H. Evaluation of the Green function for ship motions at forward speed and application to radiation and diffraction problems.
Pawlowski, J. S. and Waclawlek. P. Hydrodynamic forces on shallowly or partly submerged 2-d bodies.
Perdigao, J. N. M. and Sarmento, A. J. N. A phase control strategy for OWC devices in irregular seas.
Raven, H. C. Accuracy of free surface conditions for the wave resistance problem.
Schultz, W. W. and Huh, J. Spectral boundary integral method for gravity capillary waves.
Sclavounos, P. D. The slow-drift wave damping of floating bodies.
Scolan, Y. M. and Molin, B. Second-order deformation of the free-surface around a vertical cylinder - part 2.
Soding, H. and Bertram, V. Dynamic sinkage and trim of ships on shallow water.
Tsai, W. T. and Yue, D. K. P. Regular and chaotic wave motions in a rectangular wave tank.
Ursell, F. On the near field of a kelvin source in the free surface.
Vinje, T. On small-time expansion of non-linear free surface problems.
Wehausen, J. Causality and the radiation condition 2.
Wu, G. X. and Eatock Taylor, R. Hydrodynamic forces on a submerged sphere moving in a circular path.
Xu, H. and Newman, J. N. Potential flow for a yawed surface-piercing flat plate.
Yeung, R. W. and Ananthakrishnan, P. Solution of nonlinear water-wave and wave-body interaction problems using a new boundary-fitted coordinates method.
Zhao, R. and Faltinsen, 0. A discussion of the m-terms in the wave-body interaction problem.
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