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23-26 April 2017
Dalian, Liaoning, China
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Hosts: Bin Teng and Dezhi Ning (Dalian University of Technology)
Amini Afshar, M. & Bingham, H.B. Implementation of the far-field method for calculation of added resistance using a high order finite-difference approximation on overlapping grids
Andersen, M.H., Amini Afshar, M. & Bingham, H.B. Implementation of generalized modes in a 3D finite difference based seakeeping model
Arzhannikov, A.V. & Kotelnikov, I.A. Excitation of ship waves by a submerged object: new solution to the classical problem
Baek, H.M., Kim, Y.J., Lee, I.J. & Kwon, S.H. Revisit of Cauchy-Poisson Problem in unsteady water wave problem
Behera, H. & Ng, C.O. Oblique wave scattering by a system of floating and submerged porous elastic plates
Bonnefoy, F., Haudin, F., Michel, G., Semin, B., Humbert, T., Aumaitre, S., Berhanu, M. & Falcon, E. Experimental observation of four-wave resonant interaction: from low steepness to wave breaking
Bredmose, H. & Andersen, S.J. Higher-order spectral modelling of the diffraction force around a vertical circular cylinder
Chang, X., Akkerman, I., Veldman, A.E.P. & Huijsmans, R.H.M. Towards a non-reflecting boundary condition for wave simulations in offshore applications
Chen, J.K., Duan, W.Y., Zhao B.B. & Ma, Q.W. Time domain hybrid TEBEM for 3D hydrodynamics of ship with large flare at forward speed
Chen, Q., Zang, J., Kelly, D.M. & Dimakopoulos, A.S. A 3D numerical study of solitary wave interaction with vertical cylinders using a parallelised Particle-In-Cell solver
Chen, X.L., Bai, W., Taylor, P., Quek, S.T., Qian, L., Zhou, J.G. & Ma, Z.H. Water depth effects on fully nonlinear focused waves
Chen, Z.F., Zhou, B.Z., Zhang, L. & Yeung, R.W. Evaluating the performance of a variable resonance-frequency wave-energy converter in irregular waves
Dai, Y.Z. & Chen, X.B. Higher-order asymptotic expansions of Fourier integral with two nearly coincident saddle points
Ding, B.Y., Silva,L.S.P., Sergiienko, N., Meng, F.T., Piper, J.D., Bennetts, L., Wagner, M.,Cazzolato, B. & Arjomandi, M. Study of fully submerged point absorber wave energy converter-modelling, simulation and scaled experiment
Disibuyuk, N.B., Korobkin, A. & Yilmaz, O. Water wave interaction with several non-circular vertical cylinders
Dokken, J.S., Grue, J. & Karstensen, L.P. Wave forces on porous geometries with linear and quadratic pressure-velocity relations
Fabregas Flavia,F. & Clement, A.H. Extension of Haskind's relations to cylindrical wave fields in the context of an interaction theory
Hanssen, F.-C.W., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Wave-body interaction with overlapping structured grids in the HPC method
Frihat, M., Brosset, L. & Ghidaglia, J.M. Experimental study of surface tension effects on sloshing impact loads
Giassi, M. & Goteman, M. Parameter optimization in wave energy design by a Genetic Algorithm
Gou, Y., Xu, W.B., Zhang, X.W. & Teng, B. Experiment study on the towing resistance of a barge in a two-layer fluid
Hayatdavoodi, M. & Ertekin, R.C. Hydroelastic response of a submerged plate to long waves
Iida, T. & Kashiwagi, M. Design of small water channel network for shallow water cloaking
Kashiwagi, M. Enhanced unified theory with forward-speed effect in the inner free-surface condition
Kimmoun, O., Hsu, H.C., Hoffmann, N., Chabchoub, A., Li, M.S. & Chen Y.Y. Breather propagation in shallow water
Kristiansen, T. & Faltinsen, O.M. Ringing loads on a vertical cylinder in finite water depth
Li, C. X. & Liu, Y. M. Resonant waves in the gap between two ships by fully-nonlinear simulation
Li, X.H., Hu, C.H. & Touze, D.L. Water entry simulation by a lattice boltzmann method
Li, Z.B., Gentaz, L., Ducrozet, G. & Ferrant, P. Calculation of high-order wave loads on a vertical circular cylinder using the SWENSE method
LI, Z.F., Shi, Y.Y. & Wu, G.X. A hybrid method for wave interacting with a body floating on polynya confined between two semi-infinite ice sheets
Liang, H. & Chen, X.B. Far-field behaviours of steady capillary-gravity ship waves
Lim, D.H. & Kim, Y. A comparative study of probabilistic models for second-order hydrodynamic responses of offshore platforms
Liu, X.B., Magee, A.R., Bai, W., Hannan, M.A., Merchant A., Hussain A., Choudhary A. & Francis B.A.P. Two elastically coupled cylinders in combined wave-current flows
Maki, K.J., Ye, H.X., Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Korobkin, A.A. Impact of a wedge-shaped body with influence of broken ice
Malenica, S., Choi, Y.M., Monroy, Ch., Seng, S., Chen X.B. & Vukcevic, V. Some aspects of coupling the RANS based CFD with the potential flow models for seakeeping applications
Meng, Q.R. & Lu, D.Q. Scattering of flexural-gravity waves by a group of elastic plates floating on the stratified ocean with multiple-layer fluids
Meylan, M.H., Bennetts, L.G., Hosking, R.J. & Sergienko, O.V. Modelling wave-ice shelf interactions
Molin, B. & Zhang, X.S. On resonant modes in moonpools with restrictions or recesses
Mosig, J.E.M., Montiel, F. & Squire, V.A. On the transport of energy by surface flexural-gravity waves
Ni, B.Y. & Wu, Q.G. Numerical and experimental study on water exit and re-entry of a fully-submerged buoyant body
Orszaghova, J., Wolgamot, H., Eatock Taylor, R., Draper, S., Raflee, A. & Taylor, P.H. Simplified dynamics of a moored submerged buoy
Park, D.M., Kim, J.H. & Kim, Y. Numerical analysis on added resistance of hydroelastic body in waves
Polo, J.C.F., Troesch, A. & Neves, M.A.S. Second order wave induced actions for parametric rolling
Scolan, Y.M. The kinematics in a plunging breaker revisited
Semenov, Y.A. & Wu, G.X. Asymmetric water-entry of a wedge with rolled-up vortex sheet
Sturova, I.V. & Tkacheva, L.A. Action of periodic external pressure on inhomogeneous ice cover
Sun, P.N., Colagrossi, A., Marrone, S. & Zhang, A.M. Nonlinear water wave interactions with floating bodies using the +-SPH model
Tan, L., Lu, L., Tang, G.Q., Cheng, L. & Chen, X.-B. An energy dissipation model for wave resonance problems in narrow gaps formed by floating structures
Tassin, A., Breton, T. & Jacques, N. Evolution of the contact line during the water exit of flat plates
Wang, B.L., Guo, X.Y. & Liu, H. Scattering of periodic surface waves by a two dimensional platform supported by a pile array
Wang, J.H. & Wan, D.C. Wave effects on free running ship in standard zigzag maneuver
White, P.F., Chen, Y., Maki, K.J. & Beck, R.F. Velocity decomposition analysis of free surface flow
Wu, H.Y., Ma, C., Li, W., Wan, D.C. & Noblesse, F. Local-flow component in the Green function for diffraction radiation of water waves
Xie, Z., Lu, L., Stoesser, T., Lin, J., Pavlidis, D., Salinas, P., Pain, C.C. & Matar, O.K. Numerical simulation of three-dimensional breaking waves and its interaction with a cylinder
Yu, D.C., Wang, L. & Yeung, R.W. Experimental and numerical studies on Di-hull interference
Zha, R.S., Peng, H. & Qiu, W. Solving 2D coupled water entry problem by an improved MPS method
Zhang, C.L., Zhu, Y., Wu, H.Y. & Noblesse, F. Stationary phase and numerical evaluation of far-field and near-field ship waves in shallow water
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