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28-31 March 2004
Cortona, Italy
Hosts: M. Landrini, E.F. Campana and A. Iafrati (INSEAN)
Adamo, A., Li, G. & Mei, C.C. Synchronous excitation of trapped modes along Venice storm barrier
Andrianov, A.I. & Hermans, A.J. Hydroelasticity of elastic circular plate
Bingham, H.B., Fuhrman, D.R., Jamois, E. & Kimmoun, O. Nonlinear wave interaction with bottom-mounted structures by a high-order Boussinesq method
Bredmose, H., Peregrine, H., Bullock, G., Obhrai, C., Miller, G. & Wolters, G. Extreme wave impact pressures and the effect of aeration
Buldakov, E.V., Eatock Taylor, R. & Taylor, P.H. New asymptotic formulation for nonlinear water wave problems in Lagrangian coordinates
Chapman, G.J.D. & Porter, R. Free and forced oscillations to second order for two-dimensional fluid motion in a tank with arbitrary bed profile
Clamond, D., Fructus, D. & Grue, J. A new absorbing boundary conditions for three-dimensional surface wave simulations
Colagrossi, A., Lugni, C., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Experimental and numerical investigation of 2D sloshing with slamming
Colicchio, G., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M. Nonlinear air-water interface problems through a BEM-Level set domain decomposition
Dessi, D., Carcaterra, A. & Diodati, G. Experimental and numerical analysis of a moored floating structure response to waves
Doctors, L.J. & Zilman, G. The influence of surface tension and viscosity on the wavemaking of a model catamaran
Doring, M., Oger, G., Alessandrini, B. & Ferrant, P. SPH simulations of floating bodies in waves
Ermanyuk, E.V. & Gavrilov, N.V. Hydrodynamic loads induced by a gravity current in a submerged circular cylinder
Farley, F.J.M. Optical theorem in atomic physics and wave power
Gayen, R. & Mandal, B.N. Water wave scattering by the two edges of a strip-like ice-cover
Gueret, R., Korobkin, A. & Malenica, S. FEM-Wagner coupling for hydroelastic impact problems
Hu, C., Kashiwagi, M. & Kishev, Z. Numerical simulation of violent sloshing by CIP method
Huijsmans, R.H.M., Hermans, A.J. & Morkerken, R. Diffraction of steep waves for stationary vessels
Iafrati, A. & Campana, E.F Spectral analysis of the free surface fluctuations behind microbreakers
Kagemoto, H., Murai, M. & Kashiwagi, M. Can a single floating body be expressed as the sum of two bodies?
Kashiwagi, M. Wave drift forces and moments on two ships with side-by-side arrangements
Kent, C. & Choi, W. A new numerical method to compute nonlinear hydrodynamic forces on a submerged cylinder
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. Wave impact on cracked elastic beam
Kihara, H. Numerical modeling of flow in water entry of a wedge
Korobkin, A.A. & Iafrati, A. Jetting by floating wedge impact
Kuznetsov, N. Uniqueness in the water-wave problem for bodies intersecting the free surface at arbitrary angle
Lee, Y-B., Kim, Y., Kim, Y-S. & Shin, Y-S. Parametric study on slosh-induced impact pressures: experimental vs. numerical computation
Le Touze, D., Bonnefoy, R. & Ferrant, P. A fully-nonlinear high-order spectral 3D model for gravity waves generation and propagation
Linton, C.M. Scattering by a semi-infinite array of vertical'circular cylinders
Luquet, R., Alessandrini, B., Ferrant, P. & Gentaz, L. Simulation of wave-body interactions in viscous flow based on explicit wave models
Ma, Q.W. Simulation of non-linear water waves using meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method
Maki, K.J., Troesch, A.W. & Beck, R.F. Qualitative investigation of transom stern flow ventilation
McIver, M. Secularity and third-order wave scattering
McIver, P. Resonances of a heaving structure with a moonpool
Meylan, M.H., Hazard, C. & Loret, F. Linear time-dependent motion of a two dimensional floating elastic plate in finite depth water using the Laplace transform
Molin, B. & Nielsen, F.G. Heave added mass and damping of a perforated disk below the free surface
Noblesse, F. Generalized potential-flow representations
Ohkusu, M. Horizontal force on a very thin plate in waves
Porter, D. & Porter, R. Wave scattering by an ice sheet of variable thickness
Porter, R. & Evans, D.V Flexural-gravity wave diffraction by finite cracks of arbitrary shape in ice sheets
Rainey, R.C.T. Wave breaking as particle "escape": comparisons with exact computations
Takagi, K. Two-dimensional analysis of the wave exciting force on a multi-hull structure
Tkacheva, L.A. Forced vibrations of floating elastic plate
Tyvand, P.A. & Haugen, K.B. An impulsive bathtub vortex
van der Molen, W. Time-domain calculation of moored ship motions in a harbour
Wang, C.Z. & Wu, G.X. Interaction between nonlinear water waves and structures with flare
Yeung, R.W. & Seah, R.K.M. The effects of viscosity on the hydrodynamic properties of bodies in a free surface
Zang, J., Taylor, P.H. & Eatock Taylor, R. Speculations on the adequacy of 2nd order diffraction theory
Zilman, G., Zapolski, A. & Maron, M. SAR imaging of ship wakes and inverse ship wake problem
Bulgarelli, U.P. The application of numerical methods for the solution of some problems in free surface hydrodynamics
Evans, D.V Mathematical techniques for linear wave-structure interactions
Faltinsen, O.M. & Chezhian, M. A generalized Wagner method for three-dimensional slamming
Hermans, A.J. Added resistance by means of time-domain models in seakeeping
Newman, J.N. Second-order diffraction in short waves
Ohkusu, M. & Iwashita, H. Revisiting the unsteady wave pattern of a ship
Tuck, E.O. & Lazauskas, L. Lifting surfaces with circular planforms
Tulin, M.P. Musings on ship waves: 1950-2000. Friendships, luck, and curiosity
Ursell, F. Reminiscences of my early career in waves
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