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22-25 April 2001
Hiroshima, Japan
Hosts: K. Mori and H. Iwashita (Hiroshima University)
Bao, W. and Kinoshita, T. Wave-Drift Added Mass of Bodies with Slow Drift Motions
Bertram, V., Pereira, R. and Landrini, M. An Enhanced Nonlinear Strip Method for Seakeeping Analysis
Campana, E.F. and Iafrati, A. Unsteady Free Surface Waves by Domain Decomposition Approach
Chaplin, J. The Bow Wave of a Vertical Surface-Piercing Circular Cylinder in a Steady Current
Chen, X.-B. and Zhao, R. Steady Free-Surface Flow in Water of Finite Depth
Chen, X.-N and Sharma, S.D. Ship Entry into a Lock
Clamond, D. and Grue, J. On a Fast Method for Simulations of Steep Water Waves
Clement, A.H. and Pianet, G. Numerical Measurements of the Index of Wave Refraction through a Group of Vertical Cylinders
Doctors, L.J. and Day, A.H. The Generation and Decay of Waves behind High-Speed Vessels
Ferrant, P. and Touze D.L. Simulation of Sloshing Waves in a 3D Tank Based on a Psedo-Spectral Method
Greco, M., Faltinsen, O.M. and Landrini, M. Green Water Loading on a Deck Structure
Gueret, R. and Hermans, A.J. Air Cushion under Floating Offshore Structure
Henn, R., Sharma, S.D. and Jiang, T. Influence of Canal Topography on Ship Waves in Shallow Water
Hermans, A.J. Geometrical-Optics for the Deflection of a Very Large Floating Flexible Platform
Iafrati, A. and Korobkin, A.A. Starting Flow Generated by a Floating Wedge Impact
Iwashita, H. Side Wall Effects of a Towing Tank on Measured Unsteady Waves in Low Frequency Range
Kanoria, M. and Mandal, B. N. Water Wave Scattering by Inclined Barrier Submerged in Finite Depth Water
Kashiwagi, M. Second-Order Steady Forces on Multiple Cylinders in a Rectangular Periodic Array
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. and Korobkin, A.A. Reduction of Hydroelastic Response of Floating Platform in Waves
Kim, J.W., Ma, J. and Webster, W.C. Hydroelastic Analysis of a Floating Runway with Inhomogeneous Structural Properties
Kim, Y. Coupled Analysis of Ship Motions and Sloshing Flows
Klopman, G. and Dingemans, M. W. Wave Interactions in the Coastal Zone
Landrini, M., Colagrossi, A. and Tulin, M.P., Breaking Bow and Stern Waves: Numerical Simulations
Lee, C.-H. and Newman, J.N., Solution of Radiation Problems with Exact Geometry
Liao, S.-W. & Yeung, R.W. Investigation of the Mathieu instabilty of roll motion by a time-domain viscous-fluid model
Linton, C.M. & McIver, M. Resonances for cylinder arrays
Malenica, S. & Zalar, M. Semi analytical solution for heave radiation of the air cushion supported vertical circular cylinder in water of finite depth
McIver, M. and Porter, R. Trapping of Waves by a Submerged Elliptical Torus
McIver, P. and Newman, J.N., Non-Axisymmetric Trapping Structures in the Three-Dimensional Water-Wave Problem
Meylan, M.H. Spectral Solution of Time-Dependent Shallow Water Hydroelasticity
Molin, B. & Korobkin, A.A. Water entry of a perforated wedge
Ohkusu, M. Waves Generated by Ship Motions
Qiu, W. and Hsiung, C.C. A Panel-Free Method for the Time-Domain Radiation Problem
Rainey, R.C.T. The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter: It May be Jolly Good in Practice, But Will It Work in Theory?
Rognebakke, O.F. and Faltinsen, O.M. Effect of Sloshing on Ship Motions
Scolan, Y.-M. & Korobkin, A.A. The energy distribution from impact of a three-dimensional body onto a liquid free surface
Scragg, C.A. Extension of the Havelock/Dawson Method to Include Nonlinear Free-Surface Boundary Conditions
Shipway, B.J. and Evans, D.V. A New Type of Trapped Mode and Its Relevance to the Forces on Parallel Arrays of Breakwaters
Takagi, K. Parabolic Approximation of the Hydro-Elastic Behavior of a Very Large Floating Structure in blique Waves
Tanizawa, K and Minami, M. Development of a 3D-NWT for Simulation of Running Ship Motions in Waves
Utsunomiya, T., Watanabe, E. and Nishimura, N. Fast Multipole Method for Hydrodynamic Analysis of Very Large Floating Structures
Wu, G.X. and Eatock Taylor, R. The Coupled Finite Element and Boundary Element Analysis of Nonlinear Interactions between Waves and Bodies
Xing, Y., Hadzic, I., Muzaferija, S. and Peric, M. CFD Simulation of Flow-Induced Floating-Body Motions
Yang, C., Noblesse, F. & Lohner, R. Verification of Fourier-Kochin representation of waves
Yasukawa, H. Unsteady Wash Generated by a High Speed Vessel
Zhao, C. and Zou, Z. Computation of Waves Generated by a Ship Using an NS Solver Based on B-Spline Solid
Zhu, R. and Saito, K. Fluid Motions in a Tank with Internal Structure
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