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16-19 March 1997
Carry le Rouet, France
Host: B. Molin (Ecole Superieure d'Ingenieurs de Marseille)
Aranha, J, & Martins, M. Slender body approximation for yaw velocity terms in the wave drift damping matrix
Ba, M., Farcy, A. & Guilbaud, M. A time domain method to compute transient non linear hydrodynamic flows
Bratland, A.K., Korsmeyer, F.T. & Newman, J.N. Time domain calculations in finite water depth
Bunnik, T.H.J. & Hermans, A.J. A time-domain algorithm for motions of high speed vessels using a new free surface condition
Celebi, M.S. & Kim, M.H. Nonlinear wave-body interactions in a numerical wave tank
Chen, X.-B. & Noblesse, F. Dispersion relation and far-field waves
Clement, A. A shortcut for computing time-domain free-surface potentials avoiding Green function evaluations
Di Mascio, A., Penna, R., Landrini, M. & Campana, E.F. Viscous free surface flow past a ship in steady drift motion
Dias, F. Solitary waves with algebraic decay
Doutreleau, Y. & Clarisse, J.-M. Recent progress in dealing with the singular behavior of the Neumann-Kelvin Green function
Farstad, T.H. Impulsive diffraction by an array of three cylinders
Ferrant, P. Nonlinear wave-current interactions in the vicinity of a vertical cylinder
Finne, S. Higher-order wave drift forces on bodies with a small forward speed based on a long wave approximation
Fontaine, E. & Faltinsen, O.M. Steady flow near a wedge shaped bow
Frank, A.M. On new mode of wave generation by moving pressure disturbance
Gentaz, L., Alessandrini, B. & Delhommeau, G. Motion simulation of a two-dimensional body at the surface of a viscous fluid by a fully coupled solver
Greaves, D.M., Borthwick, A.G.L. & Wu G.X. An investigation of standing waves using a fully non-linear boundary adaptive finite element method
Grilli, S.T. & Horrillo, J. Fully nonlinear properties of shoaling periodic waves calculated in a numerical wave tank
Grue, J. & Palm, E. Modelling of fully nonlinear internal waves and their generation in transcritical flow at a geometry
Hermans, A.J. The excitation of waves in a very large floating flexible platform by short free-surface water waves
Huang, J.B., Eatock Taylor, R. & Rainey, R.C.T. Free surface integrals in non-linear wave-diffraction analysis
Huang, Y. & Sclavounos, P.D. Nonlinear ship wave simulations by a Rankine panel method
Iwashita, H. & Bertram, V. Numerical study on the influence of the steady flow field in seakeeping
Janson, C.E. A comparison of two Rankine-source panel methods for the prediction of free-surface waves
Jiang, L., Schultz, W.W. & Perlin M. Capillary ripples on standing water waves
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Korobkin, A.A. Wave impact on elastic plates
Kim, Y. & Sclavounos, P.D. The computation of the second-order hydrodynamic forces on a slender ship in waves
Laget, O., de Jouette, C., Le Gouez, J.M. & Rigaud, S. Wave breaking simulation around a lens-shaped mast by a V.0.F. method
Landrini, M., Ranucci, M., Casciola, C.M. & Graziani, G. Viscous effects in wave-body interaction
Linton, C.M. Numerical investigations into non-uniqueness in the two-dimensional water-wave problem
Ma Q.W., Wu, G.K. & Eatock Taylor, R. Finite element analysis of non-linear transient waves in a three dimensional long tank
Magee, A. Applications using a seakeeping simulation code
Malenica, S. Higher-order wave diffraction of water waves by an array of vertical circular cylinders
Mayer, S., Garapon, A. & Sorensen, L. Wave tank simulations using a fractional-step method in a cell-centered finite volume implementation
McIver, M. Resonance in the unbounded water wave problem
McIver, P. & Kuznetsov, N. On uniqueness and trapped modes in the water-wave problem for a surface-piercing axisymmetric body
Motygin, 0. & Kuznetsov, N. On the non-uniqueness in the 2D Neumann-Kelvin problem for a tandem of surface-piercing bodies
Nguyen, T. & Yeung, R.W. Steady wave systems in a two-layer fluid of finite depth
Nygaard, J.O. & Grue, J. Wavelet and spline methods for the solution of wave-body problems
Ohkusu, M. & Nanba, Y. Hydroelastic response of a floating thin plate in very short waves
Porter, R. & Evanes, D.V. Recent results on trapped modes and their influence on finite arrays of vertical cylinders in waves
Rainey, R.C.T. Violent surface motion around vertical cylinders in large, steep waves -- Is it the result of the step change in relative acceleration?
Scorpio, S.M. & Beck, R.F. Two-dimensional inviscid transom stern flow
Sierevogel, L.M. & Hermans, A.J. Stability analysis of the 2D linearized unsteady free-surface condition
Skourup, J., Buchmann, B. & Bingham, H.B. A second order 3D BEM for wave-structure interaction
Tanizawa, K. & Naito, S. A study on wave-drift damping by fully nonlinear simulation
Teng, B. & Kato, S. Third-harmonic diffraction force on axisymmetric bodies
Tuck, E.O., Simakov, S.T. & Wiryanto L.H. Steady splashing flows
Van't Veer, R. Catamaran seakeeping predictions
Vogt, M. & Kang, K-J. A level set technique for computing 2D free surface flows
Wood, D.J. & Peregrine, D.H. Application of pressure-impulse theory to water wave impact beneath a deck and on a vertical cylinder
Zhu, Q., Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. Resonant interactions of Kelvin ship waves with ambient ocean waves
Special Weinblum Anniversary Session
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