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6-9 April 2003
Le Croisic, France
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Hosts: A.H. Clement and P. Ferrant (Ecole Centrale de Nantes)
Andrianov, A.I. & Hermans A.J. Hydroelasticity of quarter-infinite plate on water of finite depth
Baklouti, M., Kimmoun, O., Molin, B., Gentaz, L. & Alessandrini, B. Numerical and experimental study of the wave-induce free surface boundary layer in a canal
Biausser, B., Grilli, S.T., Marcer, R. & Fraunié, P. Numerical analysis of the internal kinematics and dynamics of three-dimensional breaking waves on slopes
Bingham, H.B. & Madsen, P.A. Nonlinear irregular wave forces on near-shore structures by a high-order Boussinesq method
Bonnefoy, F., Le Touzé, D. & Ferrant, P. Second order directional wavemaker theory predicton and control of free waves
Bredmose, H., Peregrine, D.H, Porter, A. & Bullock, G.N. Wave impact and aerated water
Buldakov, E.V., Taylor, P.H. & Eatock Taylor, R. Surface elevation in a directionally spread wave group around a cylinder
Chen, X.B. & Duan, W.-Y. Capillary-gravity Waves due to an Impulsive Disturbance
Chung, H. & Linton, C.M. Interaction between water waves and elastic plates using the residue calculus technique
Clamond, D., Grue, J., Huseby, M. & Jensen, A. Theoretical and experimental analysis of the velocity profile under crest of extreme water waves
Colicchio, G., Landrini, M. & Chaplin, J.R. Level-set modeling of the two-phase flow generated by a surface piercing body
Doctors, L.J. The Influence of Viscosity on the Wavemaking of a Model Catamaran
Doring, M., Andrillon, Y. Alessandrini, B. & Ferrant, P. SPH Free Surface Flow Simulation
Dunn, D.C., Peregrine, D.H,, Chaplin, J.R., Mouazé, D. & Murzyn, F.P.J. Turbulence at the free surface
Evans, D.V. & Porter, R. Scattering of flexural-gravity waves by multiple cracks in ice sheets floating on water of finite depth
Faltinsen, O., Rognebakke, O.F. & Timokha, A.N. A modal system for classification and simulation of nonlinear sloshing in a near-square base tank with finite depth
Friedman, A., Zilman, G. & Miloh, T. Dynamics of a Body Falling in Waves
Greco, M., Landrini, M. & Fatinsen, O.M. Slamming and water shipping on a vlfs with shallow draft
Hamilton, J.A. & Yeung, R.W. Viscous-Inviscid Matching for Surface-Piercing Wave-Body Interaction Problems
Hermans, A.J. Deflection of a Very Large Floating Platform with variable elastic properties
Hu, C. & Kashiwagi, M. A CIP based numerical simulation method for extreme wave-body interaction
Iafrati, A. & Battistin, D. Accurate description of the jet flow developing during water impact
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. & Korobkin, A.A. Approximate models of elastic wedge impact
Kim, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. Effects of Desingularization and Collocation-Point Shift on Steady Waves with Forward Speed
Kleefsman, K.M.T. & Veldman, A.E.P. Numerical simulation of wave loading on a spar platform
Korobkin, A.A. & Iafrati, A. Early stage of floating plate impact
Lachaume, C. Grilli, S.T, Fraunié, P. & Guignard, S. Computation of properties of breaking and post-breaking waves on slopes by coupling of BEM and VOF models
Le Touzé, D. & Ferrant, P. On the Optimal Use of Submerged Dipoles for the Generation of Unsteady Nonlinear Waves
Lugni, C., Landrini, M., Ohkusu, M. & La Gala, F. Experimental study of the diffracted wave pattern around a fast displacement vessel
Malenica, S. & Korobkin A.A. Water wave diffraction by vertical circular cylinder in partially frozen sea
Mandal, B.N. & Gayen, R. Scattering of Water Waves by Two Thin Symmetric Inclined Plates
McIver, M. The influence of a trapped mode on a radiation potential
McIver, P. How special are trapping structures?
Meskers, G. & Huijsmans, R. Realistic Inflow Conditions for Numerical Green Water Simulation
Meylan, M.H. Wave Scattering in the Marginal Ice Zone
Molin, B., Remy, F., Kimmoun, O. & Ferrant, P. Third-order interactions and wave run-up
Newman, J.N. Low-frequency resonance of moonpools
Nguyen, T. & Chen, X.B. A Single-Integral Representation for the Green Function of Steady Ship Flow in Water of Finite Depth
Noblesse, F. & Yang, C. Farfield waves
Peter, M.A. & Meylan, M.H. Infinite depth interaction theory for arbitrary bodies with application to wave forcing of many ice floes
Pinkster, J.A. & Naaijen, P. Predicting the effect of passing ships
Rainey, R.C.T. & Chaplin, J.R. Wave Breaking and Cavitation Around a Vertical Cylinder: Experiments and Linear Theory
Rogers, B.D., Dalrymple, R.A., Gesteira, M. & Knio, O. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Naval Hydrodynamics
Scolan, Y.-M. Slamming effects on elastic cone
Sturova, I.V. Response of unsteady external load on the elastic circular plate floating on shallow water
Takagi, K. & Yano, W. Analysis of hydroelastic behavior of a very large mobile offshore stucture in waves
Ursell, F. The form of the potential of a hemisphère oscillating in the surface of a fluid
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