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29 May-1 Jun 2005
Longyearbyen, Norway
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Host: J. Grue (Univeristy of Oslo)
Andrianov, A.I. & Hermans, A.J. Hydroelastic analysis of floating plate of finite draft
Babarit, A., Duclos, G., Clement, A.H. & Gilloteaux, J.C. Latching control of a power take off oscillator carried by a wave activated body
Ballast, A. & Zandbergen, P.J. Fully non-linear diffraction calculations of a floating sphere in regular waves
Blenkinsopp, C.E. & Chaplin, J.R. Measurements of air/water interfaces in plunging breaking waves
Chapman, G.J.D. & Porter, R. Scattering of obliquely incident waves by submerged ridges
Chen, M.-Y. & Mei, C.C. Nonlinear harbor oscillations excited by random incident waves
Chung, H. & Fox, C. Transition conditions at the interface between floating plates
Colicchio, G., Bulgarelli, U.P. & Chaplin, J.R. Numerical and experimental investigation of the flow field around a surface piercing plate
Dai, Y.-S., Chen, X.-B. & Duan, W.-Y. Computation of low-frequency loads by the middle-field formulation
Dessi, D. & Mariani, R. Structure and load identification using wave excitation in sea-keeping tests
Dobrotvorsky, A.N. & Druzhevskiy, S.A. Investigation of the bottom relief change processes under the action of wind-generated waves, currents and ice cover in the Russian section of the approaches to the coast of the designed North-European pipeline route
Ducrozet, G., Bonnefoy, F., Le Touze, D. & Ferrant, P. Development of a fully nonlinear simulator based on higher order spectral theory
Dysthe, K., Socquet-Juglard, H., Trulsen, K., Krogstad, H.E. & Liu, J. Distribution of extreme surface gravity waves from large scale simulations
Eatock-Taylor, R. Wave-maker ramp functions in numerical tanks
Evans, D.V. & Meylan, M.H. Scattering of flexural waves by a pinned thin elastic sheet floating on water
Fructus, D. & Grue, J. Fully nonlinear and simplifed models for 3D water waves generated by a moving bottom
Gazzola, T., Korobkin, A., Malenica, S. & Scolan, Y.-M. Three-dimensional Wagner problem using variational inequalities
Graham, J.M.R., Sherwin, S.J., Kendon, T.E. & Downie, M.J. The prediction of viscous damping of large floating bodies in waves
Greco, M., Colicchio, G. & Faltinsen, O.M. Application of a 2D BEM-level set domain decomposition to the green-water problem
Grue, J. A nonlinear model for surface waves interacting with a surface-piercing cylinder.
Gudmestad, O.T. Water waves and floating bodies in the perspective of arctic offshore engineering
Hu, C., Faltinsen, O.M. & Kashiwagi, M. 3-D numerical simulation of water-entry problem by CIP based cartesian grid method
Iafrati, A. & Korobkin, A.A. Self-similar solutions for porous/perforated wedge entry problem
Jamois, E., Fuhrman, D.R., Bingham, H.B., Molin, B. & Remy, F. Oblique wave interaction with reflective structures by a high-order velocity potential Boussinesq-type model
Jensen, A., Mayer, S., & Pedersen, G.K. Dynamics of a collapsing breaking wave
Kashiwagi, M. Wave-body interactions in a two-layer fluid of finite water depth
Khabakhpasheva, T.I. Wave impact on elastic beam connected with spring to main structure
Kim, Y. Numerical analysis of three-dimensional slamming forces in waves
Kimmoun, O., Molin, B. & Fontaine, E. Experimental study of the wave response of a two-dimensional rectangular barge in very shallow water
Klopman, G., Dingemans, M.W. & van Groesen, B. A variational model for fully non-linear water waves of Boussinesq type
Korobkin, A. & Malenica, S. Modified Logvinovich model for hydrodynamic loads on asymmetric contours entering water
Kreuzer, E.J. & Sichermann, W.M. Slender body theory approach to nonlinear ship motions
Kuznetsov, N. The two-dimensional water-wave problem for multiple finite docks
Landrini, M., Colagrossi, A., Greco, M. & Tulin, M.P. SPH simulation of onshore bores with counter rotational vortical structures
Lee, K.H., Sclavounos, P.D. &. Wayman, E Floating wind turbines
Le Touze, D. & Colagrossi, A. Free-surface prototype problems suitable to investigate particle methods
Linton, C.M. & Martin, P.A. A long-wave multiple scattering theory
Liu, P.L.-F., Wu, T.-R. & Mo, W. A three-dimensional numerical model for wave-structure interactions
Lugni, C., Brocchini, M., Dolcini, A., Palladino, F., Bulgarelli, U.P. & Faltinsen, O.M. Flip Through Phenomenon: an experimental investigation
Maki, K.J., Beck, R.F. & Troesch, A.W. Experimental validation of numerically simulated unsteady flow
McIver, P. Are there trapped modes in the water-wave problem for a freely-floating structure?
Mei, C.C. & Chen, M.-Y. Second-order diffraction and refraction of water waves
Molin, B., Jamois, E., Lee, C.H. & Newman, J.N. Non-linear wave interaction with a square cylinder
Motygin, O. Trapped modes for surface-piercing cylinders below and above the cut-off frequency
Nestegård, A. Hydrodynamic challenges related to safety of offshore structures
Newman, J.N. Wave effects on vessels with internal tanks
Nielsen, F.G. Some hydrodynamic issues related to offshore wind turbines
Noblesse, F. & Yang, C. Local potential in representation of 3D flow about a ship advancing through regular waves in finite water depth
Oger, G., Ferrant, P. & Alessandrini, B. Free surface impact in a biphasic SPH simulation
Ohkusu, M. Nonlinear effect in diffraction wave
Parau, E.I., Vanden-Broeck, J.-M. & Cooker, M.J. Computations of three-dimensional gravity-capillary solitary waves in finite depth
Rognebakke, O.F. & Faltinsen, O.M. Sloshing induced impact with air cavity in rectangular tank with a high filling ratio
Rousset, J.-M., Pettinotti, B., Quillard, O., Toularastel, J.-L. & Ferrant, P. Slamming experiments on a ship model
Sanchis, A., Scelevik, G. & Grue, J. Study of vortex induced vibrations in two degrees of freedom of a spring-mounted circular cylinder with PIV
Schaffer, H. On the Dirichlet-Neuman operator for nonlinear water waves
Scolan, Y.-M. On the use of conformal mappings to determine the hydrodynamic force and moment on bodies in viscous incompressible flow
Sturova, I.V. Waveguide properties of the elongated rectangular structures
Sueyoshi, M., Kishev, Z.R. & Kashiwagi, M. A particle method for impulsive loads caused by violent sloshing
Takagi, K. & Noguchi, J. PFFT-NASTRAN coupling for hydroelastic problem of VLMOS in waves
Taylor, P., Walker, D. & Rainey, R. On the New Year Wave at Draupner in the central North Sea in 1995
Trulsen, K., Jensen, A. & Grue, J. Water wave kinematics of steep irregular waves systematic perturbation approach, empirical law, PIV measurements and engineering practice
Tuck, E.O. Can lateral asymmetry of the hulls reduce catamaran wave resistance?
Wemmenhove, R., Loots, G.E., Luppes, R. & Veldman, A.E.P. Simulation of greenwater loading by a three-dimensional two-phase numerical model
Xia, J. A consistent strip-theory approach for wave loads and ship motions in rough seas
Ya'akobi, O., Zilman, G. & Miloh, T. The electromagnetic field induced by a submerged body moving in stratified sea
Yan, S. & Mo, Q. W. Application of QALE-FEM to the interaction between nonlinear water waves and periodic bars on the bottom
Yeung, R.W. Interference restistance of multi-hulls per thin-ship theory
Zang, J., Taylor, P.H. & Eatock-Taylor, R. Non-linear interaction of directionally spread waves with FPSO
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